Thursday, November 5, 2009


Whoa... Can't believe I had left this blog unattended for 4 days already -_-" It might be because I'm currently busy with the Community and Family Case Studies program (as usual, I'm the one in charge of computer-related stuff as well as construction of a statue of... malas saya mahu tulis di sini) and trying to get my body to heal as rapid as it can... but having to be so involved in the former and trying to catch up with current central nervous system block... body function is deteriorating fast :P

Well, for a start, about a week ago, as I had written here, a few of my lymph nodes (kelenjar limpa?) which are located around the neck enlarged (and hasn't shrank yet. Tsk.) and felt so painful that my neck became stiff without the help of analgesic cream and painkillers. I saw 2 doctors for it and both of them gave me wide-scope antibiotics which didn't help much.

Then, about 2-3 days later, the main culprit showed themselves. 7 skin lesions were visible at my back. Have you ever heard of an insect that is often called as 'Charlie' or its scientific name Paederus littoralis? It's an obnoxious insect which secretes chemicals that causes blisters and hey, it's very famous among USMians. So, blame the Charlies, I said to myself... until later when the pain becomes more and more excruciating.

Paid a trip to a doc. The diagnosis was 'suspected chicken pox'. She told me to come back if ever a new lesion appears, and yes, a new one did appear. Finally, it's, "Blame the varicella zoster virus!". I now have varicella zoster viral infection. This fellow - the virus - is the one that's responsible for chicken pox cases - a disease that's very common among us. Provided a person had that disease before and lives a healty life - acceptably stable health and isn't aged yet, the virus will stay dormant (inactive) in a part of our body called dorsal root ganglia. That's basically a meeting point for neurons (nerve cells) - the afferent ones (nerve cells that convey signals from numerous part of the body to the spinal cord and brain, mostly carry sensory information), mind you. Once a person is immunocompromised (the immune system is somehow affected by whatever condition), the virus will try to grab its chance and reactivate themselves which leads to another condition called varicella zoster (but it has lots more names)/herpes zoster (please don't confuse herpes zoster with the one you usually hear. Both are very different diseases). The thing about the adult one (in contrast to the child one) is... the virus plays around with the nerves. So my sensory nerves are going haywire now. Sharp pain and tingling sensation on my right shoulder, right side of neck, and right hands. Let's hope that the virus won't play around with my motor nerves (involved in moving muscles) next. And also... the child version tends to cause lesions all over one's body, but the adult version follows where the nerve goes. So it doesn't look as nasty as it feels :P

Perhaps... I really need to get a good rest. Not only my current condition stops me from getting all hectic, but it also stops others from forcing me to overwork myself. Praises to God.

The thing about this is... I'm now forbidden from joining the community for the CFCS program. I can only be the the planner and commentator of my own show. Hopefully the rest of my group members will do well there. Takpalah... siapkan semua benda grafik pun jadilah... tapi... hm. Sabar, Zahirah, sabar. Allah knows your every pain and hardship.

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Elly Elinna said...

so, its chicken pox lah? then, i can't come to your room lah!! T_T