Friday, November 20, 2009

brrrrrrr, it's cold

Had to walk through the rain with a broken umbrella (borrowed it from someone else, since I had lost about 6 umbrellas already) and my pants ended up getting wet halfway... while trying my best to forget my stomach ache due to food poisoning. Once I got back, I had my lower limbs washed immediately and right till now, both of them are freezing cold. The rain hasn't stopped since afternoon. I could see haze hovering over the tennis court near my hostel. This is the time during which Kelantan feels coziest compared to other days. All of a sudden, I feel like dipping my feet in the river or sea. I miss the sea... a lot. While 'late i10' was around, Pantai Irama which is about 30minutes away used to be our hangout spot. It's okay, will be bringing another car over around January 2010.

Today had been a very tiring and satisfying day nevertheless. Albeit attending paediatric conservative class (= dental practices to be applied on kids) and periodontic class for the first time after my speedy recovery (Alhamdulillah) from major depression, skipping a medical lecture, Jijah and I stayed at the lab from 8.00am till 4.00pm, which makes it 8 hours altogether (quite a shock to me, honestly)! We had a brief break which lasted for about half an hour for lunch and that's all. Nonetheless, I finally got to see myself slowly getting back on track and although I was quite slow on pulpectomy (= emptying the tooth from the soft tissue in its core and fill the space with something else... the reason is to preserve heavily infected tooth), the hardest parts were already over, AT LAST! So, I treated myself with copying a number of movies from Che Din, who is the owner of USMKK bookshop..................... only to find out later that I copied BluRay movies and obviously my laptop is not up to its level (after losses and losses, I'm no longer much of a gadget fan), thus failed to play the files properly. GAHHHH! Now I'll have to wait while converting their format and enjoy them later.

Today, I'll be having a nightout with Jijah and Fiza, the two people who really, really, really has been sticking with me through thick and thin, studies and anything that's not related to it, guided me and giving me continuous morale support despite my resistance towards their effort. They can easily detect my mood change simply through my facial expression, even when I showed them my best poker-face. I think... they deserve a treat. I don't really know how can I repay their kindness. I mean... at this point, I'm quite left behind in fields that I usually lead them on. I mean... who can put up with a person who doesn't laugh to your jokes, cries when you bring up happy topics, slashes her wrist when you give her a pat, doesn't wake up despite numerous wake-up calls you're giving her, was busy with her emotions while you had to explain her reasons for absence to classes to lecturers and nurses, vomits when you're having your meal, doesn't smile for days, and many more... without accusing her for doing those things purposely, to seek attention, and accepts her thoughts simply for how they are? They put up with what seemed like my endless tantrums very patiently and now is my turn to repay them. I finally get to drop a tear of gratefulness... thank you, Allah... my cognitive function is restoring to its optimum state once again. Hopefully, by then, I can repay them in other forms as well. Saya sangat sangat sangat sayang sama kalian berdua. Tak tipu sikit pun. Thank you Allah for lending them to me :')

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