Sunday, November 15, 2009

dear, you have lots more to see

Dude, I seriously have no clue whether what I did about 20 hours ago was right or not. Just pray silently that it is right. Hwargh. The world doesn't revolve around me. I have to make some sacrifice. Again.

Oh hey, I had just finished the last Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, during previous medical leave, hence, a picture of speccy and hooded Zahirah was uploaded. Yaddah, yaddah, I know... that novel had been out for years already and really, I bought it right after Bloomsbury (the producer of Harry Potter series) announced its release. Somehow, I don't start reading any novel if I know first-handedly that I will not get to glue my arse to any particular spot for hours (or maybe days) just to finish reading it at a go. Having to go through my second year in dentistry during that time... I didn't think that's an option. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying read and once again, Harry Potter's imaginary world becomes dangerously addictive and so infatuating. Again and again, I have to remind myself of where I'm actually standing. Psychiatry block will starting in about 3 hours and I'm still here typing this entry. Jangan khayal!

Talking about being speccy... the specs I wore was just for show. I'm not bespectacled, although I honestly wish I can possess a pair of glasses. I have this feeling that it makes me look wise. WAAAAHAHAHAHHA! Again, the childish side of me had just showed herself, but seriously, my vision is perfect except for astigmatism. So, playing computer in the dark since you're 4 years old does pay back after all.

I uploaded the picture above on impulse. I thought it somehow looks dreamy :) Entah apa khabar si Anith. I lost her handphone number, you see, so I couldn't text her as I arrived at Subang last week... despite promising her to do so once I come home :( The fact that Umi, Ayah, Ahmad, and I will be moving to Nilai next year makes me want to see them (Stucks) more. Of course, I can always drive back to Subang when I'm in Nilai, but it'd be on a well-planned trip instead of an on-the-spot thing. The city does mean a lot to me after all, you know.

Whatever it is, back to working my way to becoming a good dentist! Time to get some sleep. Insomnia episode is back. I even took 2 doses of a type of antihistamine at a go which were supposed to kick some sleepiness in me. Apparently, they failed to carry their duty.

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jaja said...

hey! selamat hari raye!!! :D
how is anith btw? lame x dengar cite die.