Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i am here to educate you

You know what, my insomnia is getting really annoying. I had been rolling on the bed for almost a couple of hours already, the lights were all out for quite some time, and yet my body is still refusing to fall asleep.

Might as well post an entry... since I'm dead bored here.

You know the thing with having major depression is... there's a stigma directed towards it. I feel like living in 1970s once again although I undoubtedly never went through that period :P Just because it's listed as one of the major psychiatric disorders, it doesn't mean it's an aggressive disorder. It gets funnier when many people even confuse it with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder! Let me put this straight - to those who don't read much, there is a long list of public figures who had experienced major depression at least once in their life. Let's see... Abraham Lincoln had it at least twice already. Jim Carrey had it too and he even bravely made it public a few years ago. J. K. Rowling had it during the early days of her writing Harry Potter novels. I will not waste my time listing all of them though :P You'll get the point......... as long as you're not a simpleton :P

Things are quite simple. Depressed patients' daily life might change a little bit here and there... oh, alright, maybe in severe cases, huge changes happen, and they might be down for quite some time. As long as you give us moral support to them in any way and assist them in getting the RIGHT treatment, with God's will, they'll recover... although the mean time of recovery from clinical depression is about 3 months (or so... as I read somewhere. Don't take it too seriously though since I can't recite my source). Just bear in mind that forcing ideas into them and hope that they'll turn back into their former-selves is just ridiculous. If things were that easy, clinical depression wouldn't have captured the eyes of previous researchers and antidepressants wouldn't have became so popular now. It's when they're being forced to push the depression away in whatever way that is possible in such a short time that some of them are forced to fake themselves to be happy but the main problem is rooting itself to them stronger and stronger by day... but to do so (giving them support) would mean for you to stop being self-centered and learn to understand that... not everyone thinks the way you do, experiences the same thing you do, and what-not.

Do you know of those drama scenes in which a depressed person (not talking of a person who's delusional that he/she is depressed when he/she is actually not) is scolded harshly by his/her close friend to somehow slap the sense out of him/her? And suddenly the patient recovers and sees things in such a refreshing way? It's silly, seriously. If you do so, that person might simply jump out the window the minute you turn your back to her... but that's just a suggestion :P

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