Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rasid KB

Most of you will probably not understand this since, well... except for students who stay in a university, others might be using personal line for surfing the net. Well, anyway, since my university provides each of us a wireless line that has depressingly low capacity for information transfer, once in awhile, we'll encounter a page titled 'ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved...' and bladdah bladdah, and at the end of the page, there will be 'Your cache administrator is RasidKB (although they had changed it to webmaster now' written there. Whatever it is, it means that surfing the net becomes challenging and rocky somehow... especially having to press F5 to refresh the page again and again and agaaaaaaain. The next thing that proceeds it will be cussing RasidKB, whoever that person is. I somehow sympathize him, but can't help feeling agitated at the same time.

Okay, actually, the paragraph above is just another random thought of mine.

I started taking sleeping pills yesterday. One thing I can say - IT WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!! It makes me annoyingly much more sleepier than before. I'm starting to have delusion on the possibility of me beating Kishie at sleeping. Dia tidur banyak haha. Anyway, woohoo, Dr Zarina will be helping me on getting a sample of medication for curbing nicotine addiction, insya Allah. Alhamdulillah :)

And oh heyyyy, my elder sister, Wani will be engaged to Syafiq Zakaria soon, insya Allah :))) Another happy news is what I need right now, really ^_^ So, I might be coming home just for a few days to attend her engagement. Hopefully I will not miss the 'sarung cincin' part just as I had missed Along's T_T Mwuuu... it still makes me sad having to remember that. With all my heart, I wish Along and Wani will get married soon and have a blissful life, but these news mean another thing too. It means Umi bombarding me with the same question again and again. At no surprise, the question is always about, "Awak takda boyfriend ke, Ira?". Haiz... I'm already at my limit just by facing 4 major challenges in a period of 2-3 months. Takpalah... yang penting, belajar elok-elok, tolong orang, jadi manusia yang baik, and hopefully God blesses me in everything I do. God is indeed the all-loving one.

Okay, sleeping pills are kicking in its effects already. Eyelids are getting heavier... and heavier... and hea.......... zzzzzz (~_~)


mellie said...


erma said...

soalan cepu emas

ps: sangat faham about the internet connection thingy. sangat menjengkelkan. blegh

zahirah ardy said...

oke, Mellie, i know things are the opposite way in your case wahahahahahahahahah!

Erma, bila nak sampai kad berkilat?

erma said...

kad berkilat?
erk ㅜ_ㅜ apa itu?

zahirah ardy said...

er.. kad yang berkilat, bau wangi, biasa ada nama 2 orang di atas dia :D