Friday, November 6, 2009

stop and think

Sounds are coming from the television. This place is illuminated with warm lights. The smell of 434 coffee specially brought over from Muar, Johore, is driving me to sleep... ironically. This J-shaped mini grinding machine in my body is filled with mi bandung Muar. The authentic one. These eyelids feel so heavy - I haven't had such feeling for a very very very long time already. Months maybe. Although it had only been a month or so since I last came home, this warm feeling had been absent for months already. Only God knows how thankful I am to finally enjoy it once again... but all of a sudden - OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Did somebody stab my right shoulder?! Oh... it's Mr Varicella Horror Virus poking around my nerves again. Hopefully, with this and God's blessings, I'll recover rapidly in whatever aspect that's possible, insya Allah :)

Nevertheless, this heart is so uneasy thinking of my group members who will be starting their third residency in just 6 hours and I'm here in Subang, missing all the fun and hardship. Hopefully they'll take lots and lots of photos especially that of my cigarette statue. I don't even get to give my final touch on it... but whatever it is, you get something, you lose something. That's how life goes... I guess.

A few hours ago, while I was on the plane back home, a few flashbacks and thoughts swarmed my mind.

"Trafik lambat nak mampus. Ni yang aku fed up KL ni. Okay, we, kita switch turbo mode, terbanglah".

"Okay, okay, cepat. Aku tekan ni", and he pressed the imaginary 'turbo switch'.

"Okay. Vooooooom~ Eh, tidur dah orang belakang".

*Thud!* *Swooooosh!!!* The sound of the air molecules hitting against the body of the aeroplane vigorously as it landed relatively more smoothly compared to my previous rides chased my previous thoughts away. I miss him... I guess. He was a close friend after all and was almost like a younger brother to me.

I bet the paragraph above will make a few people misunderstand my intentions, just like they always do. LOL.


sabya said...

weyh ko buat aku jadi rindu mi bandung muo. 434 still byk stok kat umah. hehe

zahirah ardy said...

gahhhhh~ kitorang tinggal 30 uncang ja T_T baru ingat nak bawa balik Kelantan. sob... Sabihah, ada pergi tak tempat beli kopi 434 tu?