Saturday, November 7, 2009

a twist in my story

Sakit, sakit, sakit, sakit, sakit, sakit, jauh, jauh, jauh lagi sakit daripada self-inflicted injury!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!... no, it's supposed to be - AAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!! On a second thought, the type of the pain this time is sort of new to me... what an interesting sensation.

It's a fact that everybody's pain threshold is different. That means, whatever that's not painful to you might be very painful to and vice versa. Just my daily scientific rumbles, though. What I'm actually trying to say is my pain threshold is somehow relatively higher than the people around me... of which I perceive as a blessing, but that also means if I find something to be very painful that I say it out loud... oh well, you understand better.

Huargh! When you have ample of time and you don't bother spending them on meaningful things, ridiculous thoughts will start looming over your head. This is my current thought - I feel like putting a hole through my lower lip once again (I wrote in this manner intentionally, go figure it out). It had been almost 6 years since I let the hole seal itself. My last DIY session wasn't eventful... except for being forced to remove it after only 3 months, but I'm quite sure the docs will kick me out of the clinic or hospital if they see it or perhaps another rule will be added to our dressing code. I wasn't a good person, was I? Well, nor am I now. Still working my way towards changing for the better. Flex, flex, flex.


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

*injects elephant tranqualizer*
how do you feel now? =p

zahirah ardy said...

hahahaha, kurang asam lu, Paan!!!