Sunday, December 13, 2009

ada apa dengan Cafe World?

Saya tak faham langsung kenapa rating Cafe World saya tak naik sampai sekarang walaupun makanan bertimbun serta beraneka jenisnya. Hm...

Well, my weekend came to its end a few hours ago (ya, kepada anda yang tidak berada di Kelantan, Terengganu, atau Kedah, berseronoklah lagi). Frankly, I wasted it with lazing around, but then, frankly again, I think I deserved it. Last week almost drained my energy to the very last bit - HONEST-FRIGGING-LY.

Since I'm well on my path of recovering from MDD, my excuses for feeling lazy will run out soon enough. Even my Melody Written Out blog (personal tab archive) is getting dusty again, at no surprise. I was reminded of it by Incik Nasrul "Roy" Hanif. Cemana dia tahu pasal blog itu, saya pun tak pasti.

Yaddah yaddah yaddah, anyhoo, I still have to take care of my health, therefore, I can't afford to laze around and leave my laundries undone, my bedroom untidy, and let the opportunistic microorganism make my place as a habitat. For unknown reasons, Wani and I get ill very easily, but I sympathize Wani more because... dia lagi senang sakit :( Speaking of which... I bought love letter biscuits just now and while gobbling a few of them, I found out that they actually contain lactose (read their box). Terima kasih, lactose intolerance, aku mahu muntah ni.

p/s: My apologies for the boring entry. I'm quite a boring person, you see.

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