Thursday, December 3, 2009

a conversation

From left to right : Yasmin, Yana, Yan, Era, Zaty, Yantie, and Mazni.

Arghhhh, I am trying to suppress this 'hazardous' gas from escaping my gastrointestinal sytem (GIT) - a decent way of saying, "I WANT TO FREAKING f**t!". I shall never ever ever ever forget this (and so should you) - serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors cause GIT upset. Gosh, rumbling sounds have been escaping my abdomen now and then.

Okay, enough with medical jargons. I captured the picture above a few days ago, when the girls and I went to Pantai Sabak to attend Yantie's uncle's wedding reception. It was a traditional and simple event. How long had I forgotten the warm feeling villagers can give you (especialy since I had to be excused from the last residency of the CFCS programme).

As I had mentioned before (and so did the media when they reported about floods in Eastern Malaysia), it's monsoon season now. Musim tengkujuh. Everyday feels as cold as it feels when summer takes over winter in Melbourne (ecehhh reminisce sikit zaman dulu)... but with more humidity! It had been... almost a year already since I last had my vacation overseas. Nanti buat masters baru buat di luar negara, insya Allah... harap-harap boleh major dalam oral maxillofacial surgery.

Well, anyway, when it's cold, as usual, all of us here feel lazier than we usually do, and when I said "All of us", I'm obviously not excluded. I didn't even notice that my white coat (a.k.a lab coat) is already dirty here and there until just now as I was ironing it... and the next class that requires me to wear it will start in about... 6 hours -_- Memang tak sempat nak keringlah kalau basuh sekarang, mwuuuu... Then, I turned off the light at my side of the room and looked again at the coat. I said to Fiza, "Eh, white coat tu nampak bersihlah bila tutup lampu", and she started nagging me for saying such unnecessary thing. Haha.

Speaking of which... yes, I have a class in 6 hours time, so I think I should be on the bed already. Goodnight and wassalam, everyone.

p/s: Do you disagree with this sentence? - It's as cold as hell!!!!


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Is there a cold hell? =p Sounds like something that came out of Mr Freezes mouth~

zahirah ardy said...

gah! who's Mr Freezes??? >_<

dr_zool said...

tamau iklan?mksd?