Wednesday, December 23, 2009

strum that C#minor

This is weird. I somehow like Inside of You by Infant Sorrow, the fictitious band, played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie.

Whoa, time does fly so fast. It's already Wednesday. That means, I'll be coming home tomorrow! Insya Allah :) This time, it'll be by bus - agak berdebar aku ni. Hopefully the driver will execute his job carefully.

I had a weird dream yesterday, but I can't recall the exact content. I only remember waking up later and I actually got confused between dreams and reality. I can only recall getting a letter from someone. Woke up and tried to find the letter. Pfft. What was I thinking -_-" Entah apa content surat tu.

Keadaan fizikal laptop dah nazak, sob... Tengah taip blog ini pun boleh nampak seekor semut tengah travel blakang screen laptop (belakang ya, bukan depan). Rasa nak gelak pun ada. Rasa nak beli laptop baru pun ada. Tapi, pitih takdo. Lambat betul biasiswa nak masuk ni, tolonglah pehe.

Anyway, I'm thinking of revealing 'the secret' soon. Soon enough.

* Change of mood *

What if you finally let someone interfere your medullary activities? The one that controls your chronotrophy and inotrophy of your heart? In the meantime, this mind is against it.

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