Sunday, December 20, 2009

that's what Mr. Nietzsche call as 'sublimation'

Albeit not exactly knowing how the words about me smoking syeesha were spread here in my university, I have to admit that it stained my reputation a little bit. Nevertheless, it also means another thing - I can talk about it freely in my blog :D Haha. A few weeks ago, I figured out that I really need to refocus my aims and start acting accordingly, hence, a few changes were made on my lifestyle from that point onward.

1. Started decreasing my frequency of syeesha smoking from approximately four times per week to once every fortnight or week.
2. Started jogging approximately four times per week. Since my duties as the batch leader has decreased a bit, I no longer spend much of my time walking between dental and medical schools. Stamina was so shamefully low.
3. Started reading on lecture notes after their respective lecture.
4. Finish my prosthodontic and paediatric dental assignments within a fortnight.

No pain no gain. If I really want to be the excellent student I once was, I'll have to defeat MDD and its associated symptoms. I also made up my mind that... people can bitch about me as much as they want, but I can't let myself down just because a few pests hit my windshield.

Will be coming home this weekend :) Fiza and Jijah will be tagging along ^_^ Hopefully I can get the time to see 'em - Fana, Mel, Anith, Tra, May, Kishie, and Hannah. Hannah mentioned in her blog about jamming with the rest of the Danishes. Gyaaaaa, aku mahuuuuuu~ There will only be a full couple of days for me to do whatever I'm supposed to do T_T My schedule will be packed as 'heaven'. Umi and Ayah will not be home, sob... they will be away for my cousin's wedding reception in Endau, Johore. I'm not exactly sure what Dr Zarina told Umi, but Umi said she'll try her best to be back by Saturday night. O_O! That's quite rare. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah for that. Finally, I'll be bringing a car to my university. Will not need to message Ese to rent his car anymore :DDDD Nonetheless, he had helped me a lot towards my recovery. Should thank him.

See, I'm supposed to clerk a patient (check and interview patients) in 12 hours time. I suppose I should be off the internet by now. Goodnight and wassalam :)


FurBall said...

bek aku balik ngan ko je kan ke usm~haha

faza said...

paling susah adalah untuk maintain semua nih..
tu masalah yg selalu aku hadapi..
slalu berazam, tapi untuk betul2 tunaikan, perlukan kesungguhan..
aku pun slalu berazam, kena hbs bc lect setiap hr, jog setiap..
heheh.. tp jarang2 je aku wat..
harap pasni aku betul2 dapat tunaikan..

zahirah ardy said...

yelah tu, Mus :P

jeah, Faza, harap-harap mulai dari sekarang, kita semua dapat tunaikan apa yang kita azamkan. buat masa ni, aku masih on track. harap-harap tak ada apa2 yang intervene, insya Allah :)

Anonymous said...

zahirah~i just got back from klantan lewat mlm smlm..u'll b here sampai hari apa dear?fana.. =)