Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what's 'super'? what's 'tired'?

My eyelids feel so heavy although it's only 9.55pm. That's supposed to be a good thing, I guess? At least, I'm trying to kill my insomnia without shoving alprazolam tablets into my throat. However, I haven't finished reading on steel crown... HOLD ON! It's not 'haven't finished', it's more of 'HAVEN'T FREAKING STARTED'! Hopefully the extra paediatric conservative dentistry class for tomorrow isn't the last one, mwuuu... So, that brings me to my current attempt to revive my brain by playing Kesha's Tik Tok on my laptop.

On a more positive thought, today had been a very exhausting, but productive day :) This MDD thing had pulled me down so hard that my dental assignments were very far from completion. You know those things such as psychomotor retardation and social withdrawal come along with MDD, right? Well, they sure are disappearing away, bit by bit. Woke up extremely late today - at noon, since I slept at about 5.00am. Had to rush to the dental school for a meeting with a few people, but I was slowed down while on my way there by a few news that were quite troubling. Later, found out that there's no way I could squeeze having a proper lunch (haven't had my breakfast), so I stopped by at Che Din's small bookshop to buy Vico (bajet boleh dapat tenaga LOL!), but it was sold out :( So I bought juice and Hi5 spicy tuna bun (tak menyelerakan, saya tahu, tapi syukur dah ada makanan). Shoved the former into the pocket of my white coat, and continued heading to the dental school building while trying to solve the problems I had mentioned before. Made a few phone calls - sambil berjalan kaki panas terik dan sambil makan roti tuna. Tangan kiri pegang handphone, tangan kanan pegang roti, mulut berfungsi dwicara - cakap dengan orang dan kunyah makanan lalu menolaknya ke dalam tekak - semuanya sambil mengepit kot putih itu.

Finished waxing, making bite blocks and mounted it, and will start setting the teeth next (f.y.i, these are a few steps in denture making). I managed to see Dr. Zuliani for a few things and poured my teeth models for cons. Stayed till about 6.35pm. Next, headed back to my room, immediately changed into sports apparels and went for jogging with Jijah. Stamina aku dah rendah macam seciput sikit-sikit semput. Itulah, sedut lagi asap yang tak patut banyak sangat sampai CO level pun dah 14. Then, walked to D'Village which is situated outside of USM for dinner. Makan sup belut (sedap, ketagih dah aku ni) dengan nasi putih dan air teh o beng (go figure out yourself haha) saiz L! Wahahahaha! Puas hati gila. Walked to 7-11 next to refill my food supply (konon). Finally, I'm back in my room and found myself typing this entry. I want to vomit.

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