Tuesday, December 8, 2009

when you know one has too much time to be wasted

This shall be a slightly provocative entry. So, you were warned already :)

Of all group pages established in Facebook, this particular caught my attention - we HATE those kids tht hangs out infront of the pavilion entrance group (kids that hangS out INFRONT of THE pavilion entrance? Please, someone, teach this kid proper English before permitting him to commit more crimes :P).

I saw the link to this page somewhere on my Fb notification board. Of course, I couldn't kill this urge to view its wall. It's very disappointing on how torn apart we could be just by bringing up a small issue, and yet so many of us are so ignorant on way more crucial issues such as how bad Malaysian economy currently is (and these people aren't helping at all - please add both negative and positive effects, you'll eventually come up with a negative value). It hurts too having to read comments on subjects such as visitors who come to Pavillion wearing secondhand clothes and etc. (whatever they are, they symbolise poor financial status). What an outrageous discrimination that is! I guess that's where the idiom, "Biar papa asal bergaya", comes in - are we ready to burn a hole through our pocket just to look tip-top, and feel somehow safe and confident when one brings up the topic mentioned? These sadistic words usually come from the mouth (or in this case, the fingers and keyboard) of kids who are born in relatively richer family... so what about those who aren't really capable of buying lavish stuff? Don't they deserve to go to such places? So we're discriminating people now?

This brings me to another topic - kita suka menegur orang, tetapi kita sendiri tidak suka ditegur. Lebih memalukan jika kita sendiri melakukan perkara yang kita jadikan teguran. Please, be my guest... entertain yourself with comments such as, "Mereka perasan jadi 'trendsetters' dan the 'IT'", or anything of its equivalence. I'm not sure whether they did it consciously or not, but... such posts somehow made them appear as if they are... attention seekers themselves? It amuses me too to read things condemning people who dress/act like Westerners when the commentor him/herself is in one way or another is influenced by this 'budaya kuning' thing. I'd love to hear some talks but I'd prefer more actions to be taken.

I can make this entry so long that you'll vomit just having to finish reading it, but my point is... why do you waste your time doing so? Stop breaking each of us apart and start doing something that's actually efficient and productive. Although I'm proudly half-Javanese, it's not pleasant to see my other half blood doing humiliating things. Quoting my lecturer, "Sebab tu la dia jadi meLAYU. Layu je", and he's pure Bugis. It didn't feel pleasant to listen or even saying that.

Hold on. At a second thought, I somehow feel like I'm wasting my time writing this entry, but heck! I already finished typing it -_-" Tekan ja lah butang, "PUBLISH POST", tu :P

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