Sunday, January 24, 2010

because listening is sometimes believing :)

While Paan posted about how great his newly bought computer mouse is, here is my own version of entry on my new Logitech V120 Laser Mouse which I bought last afternoon. I FREAKINGLY CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THE PRICE DROPPED ALMOST HALF FROM THE INITIAL PRICE WHEN I BOUGHT IT HALF A YEAR AGO!!!! GAHHHH!!!! See, after only a couple of months using the old one, somehow it got lost (or misplaced as usual, my bad). During that time, this thing costed me RM109.00. Obviously I was devastated later. So it took me another 4 months to finally make the same decision I made before. Tech does get tremendously cheaper over time doesn't it?

From left to right : Yenyen, Poisze, KS, Alex, Foo, Adrian, Renming, Yiying, Z, Chang

Yet another annual thing in USM - I had just attended the USM Chinese New Year celebration, just like previously. The deco was... MIND-BLASTING (please watch Russell Peters to understand this). The performances were... FANTABULASTIC. The crowd was all dressed to impress (Yiying told me 1200+ tickets were sold whoa), which brings me to this point - I dressed up cincai boncaily since my energy was sucked out earlier that day. That makes me more excited to attend CNY celebration for next year :)

From left to right : Aisoon, Poisze, me, and Yiying

Before experiencing yet another episode of amnesia, I'd like to express my gratitude to my coursemates, especially Yiying for her lovely company :) Sorry I banyak tak faham and you sanggup explain semua. Terharu, gyyaaaaaa!!!

So what actually happened earlier yesterday? Ayah came to Kelantan ^_^ As I had written here before, Ahmad is now in Pondok Pasir Tumboh to dig further in religious studies while waiting for his SPM result to be announced. Spent time with Ayah and Ahmad from morning till late in the evening. Truth is, lately a few problems came up. Well, things can't go according to our will everytime, can it? Sebaik-baik perancangan kita, Allah adalah perancang yang terbaik. Confined a few of my problems to Ayah while doing futile attempts to hold back my tears, he said to me a few advices softly. I'd like to share a few of them here, hoping it would do good to others as well. He said, "Kalau bercakap itu perak, diam adalah lebih baik", which knocked the sense into me - sometimes, it'd be better for me to keep my mouth shut when it brings no good. He then further said, "Kalau kita tutup keaiban orang, Allah akan tutup keaiban kita. Kalau dicari keaiban orang, mesti akan jumpa. Orang yang terlalu mencari keaiban orang lainlah jenis orang yang rasa diri sentiasa betul". "Jangan mengumpat pasal orang lain", a reminder I had repeatedly listened to and read about (please refer to the Quran).

Tak kira darah daging sendiri atau tidak, aku tak patut mengumpat, apatah lagi mengajak atau diajak orang lain. Oleh itu, saya tutupi entry kali ini dengan satu lagi peringatan yang Ayah telah beri ketika saya mengunci diri dalam kereta semasa berada dalam tahun 1 doktor pergigian, "Siapa cipta manusia?". "Allah". "Jadi, siapa yang cipta hati manusia?". "Allah". "Haaa, tahu pun, doa itu adalah senjata orang Islam. Doa seikhlas hati minta Allah bukakan hati orang-orang tertentu". Terima kasih, Ayah. Terima kasih, Allah, kerana meminjamkannya kepada aku.

p/s: Don't worry, I'm no longer as sad as I was before. You had given me another form of strength and another valuable experience. Nothing is really a mistake unless you repeat it. Thank you, dear :)

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