Wednesday, February 10, 2010

although my favourite number is four, three feels good too :D

Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold Cover (by UNDECIDED)
(Please watch the video with your headphones on or the sound will be very very sluggish)

I guess I am too sick of the internet connection in my university that this cyber cafe is slowly becoming my fifth home. LOL.

So here it is, a video of my band members and I, performing Afterlife which was captured by my friend, Fiza, during USM Battle of The Bands 2010 last night. Ayien named our band UNDECIDED, most probably because almost everything about us - the band line-up, song pick, instruments arrangement, and, etc. were undecided until the very last minute. So, UNDECIDED is made up of Hazrizul Azam (Ayien), Elly Elinna (Elly), Firdaus, Nasrul Nizam (Bob Bulu), Izzat Ismail (Terk), and myself.

The band members of UNDECIDED, from left to right : Bob Bulu, Ayien, Terk, Elly, Firdaus, and I

Initially, it was Aril who chose this song. The initial band line-up were Aril as the lead guitarist, Firdaus as the rhythm guitarist, me as the bassist, Terk as the vocallist/keyboardist, and Ayien as the drummer. Later, a few things came up and Aril couldn't join us. If you had listened to the original version of this song, you'll see that the main attraction of this song lies with the guitar solos and the flow is controlled by the bass and drum. So, I dragged Bob and Elly along about 4 hours before the show itself. "This song HAD TO SOUND FULLER", I said to myself.

It's my first time of learning any bass tablature completely for more than a couple of hours. It took me the whole 3 excruciating hours, and since my exams were just over, my lazy mode is obviously turned on. Started trying the tab only 2 days before the competition and jammed with the rest for THE FIRST TIME (about one and a half hour) a day after. Then, we practised for the second time (an hour only this time) 2 hours before the event itself. I think I was partly conscious when I actually took a stroll before the competition and ended up arriving late, just before our cue. Tengah termengah-mengah terus kena naik pentas. Zahirah, Zahirah... Tak ke nak gila aku jadinya semua benda last minute, tapi salah sendiri juga, hee...

From left to right : Firdaus, Elly, me, Terk, Ayien, and Bob Bulu

Anyhoo, as I came down the stairs, one of the judges came to me and shook my hand (which I regretfully accepted) while saying, "Eh, you main bass hebatlah. Congratulations, congratulations", ececececee, ni ambo nak kembang. Padahal, lebih daripada lima kali aku main tipu atas pentas. I have this weird habit of the more anxious I am, the lazier I get, hence, I actually skipped a few notes HAHAHAHAH! Later, another judge who happened to come from the headquarter of Yamaha offered Firdaus and I to join this I-don't-have-much-clue club which is under the supervision of Yamaha for new talents. He also said, "Ada dua sahaja bassist yang finger-pick. Satu you, satu lagi band (tak ingat nama). Yang lain semua pakai pick", sambil dia menggeleng kepala. Sebenarnya, incik......... saya tak reti pakai plectrum XD Nevertheless, I don't think I'll accept it. Saya betul-betul mahu jadi dentist lah. Itu pun terkedek-kedek, berani pula mahu cuba benda lain. Today, a message from the third judge came in, offering the almost same thing. Hm... Sorry, sorry, sorry, nanti kalau dah jadi dentist baru boleh cuba-cuba kot. Haha.

p/s: All pictures were taken from Elly. Handphone masuk bengkel lah.


mel said...

ko kurus gila gambar ni!!!!!!!!!!!

zahirah ardy said...

shitz. is that a 'perli'? hahah!