Tuesday, February 23, 2010

for the love of Allah

Within a year period...

Experienced a life-changing accident (is there such sentence?)
Having major depression disorder
Attempted suicide twice (Alhamdulillah none was actually completed or else... :'O)
Was ditched by two close friends
Had a major argument with a close one
Had fever a week before it (see I have issues with my immune system)
Entered a battle of bands and actually walked away as the third one out of 11 bands
Had 3 offers to advance myself in musical career from Yamaha, RTM, and a sort of club
Headed a nasyeed team
Still producing tablatures
Still holding the post as the batch leader
Still struggling in improving my dental handwork
Still having amnesia due to consumption of anxiolytic drugs
Still having pseudodementia due to previous condition
Studied for a complete 7 days

And still... I've made it through everything. My exam result was announced a few hours ago, and praises to Allah, I passed. Here, the main challenge is to actually pass the exam and if you're good enough, then, try to pick the apple at the top of the tree. No, it's not as good as it is when I was at my top performance, but it's certainly something for me after all the hardship, Alhamdulillah :') Let's shift our attention to Professional 2 exam. 70% of our overall marks will come from there, so, let's try our best and gather all 70%. InsyaAllah all of us will excel with enough prayers, effort, and finally Tawakkaltu'alallah. Knowing me, Ayah thought that I'd feel down after knowing it, but, Ayah, lepas semua yang dah Ira experienced, my perception towards everything has changed. Terima kasih, Ayah dan Umi.

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