Thursday, February 18, 2010

i suck at percussion, face that fact

Alhamdulillah, finally arrived home safe and sound, but rather annoyed to find the wireless modem is malfunctioning - to no surprise, due to recent widespread short-circuit caused by the also 'malfunctioning' Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Alhamdulillah too, to finally get to hang out with Tra, Anith, and Mel. It helps to talk to a few people with different points of view once in awhile, hence, the reason I disagree to stay in my comfort zone.

Well, come to think of it... my comfort zone isn't really a comfortable one, most probably because tough competitions seem to persist untill... FOREVER, regardless exams are around the corner or not, and whether one is a friend or a foe. Ayah said to me, "Ada 2 benda yang kita boleh dengki. Pertama, cemburu untuk berbuat kebaikan. Kedua, cemburu untuk mencari ilmu", and I was very tempted to continue his sentence with, "... dan semuanya harus berlaku dengan adil, dan bukan dengan cara menarik yang lain ke bawah". I continuously chant, "Only a couple of years and a few months left, and you'll graduate with flying colours in a blink of an eye", in my heart. Hopefully all of us will graduate in the shortest time.

Hols so far had been about numerous syisha sessions, bidding farewell to Wani (she left for Aus to further her studies. May Allah bless her, amiiin...), bugging my parents, movies, meeting and making new friends, and hanging out with old pals. I gave up on my Asus and decided to upgrade Wani's Vaio which she gave me recently (Terima kasih T_T).

I only workout about 2-3 times this week which is quite disappointing. I have this habit which statistically deviates from other females. For an instance, if a lady looks at a well-built man, the thought of, "Hot, hee hee", might be the first one to pop up in her mind. In my case, it'll be, "Gosh, can I have mine like that too?". Such way of thinking had started only a couple of months ago. No, I don't think I'll go for extremes (aku tak rajin macam tu), but I'm working on my upper limbs, hopefully my handwork in dentistry and musical instruments practise will improve. Talking of which... the musical talent scout had contacted me for the fifth time. Argh, I really feel bad about this.

Will be going back to Kelantan this Saturday night by plane. Hm... Hm... Hm. Will have to switch on my nerd mode soon.

---------------------- Change of affect ---------------------------

Such striking resemblance... each wall of my four heart chambers shook at that person's sight, channelling their waves to my every blood vessels, hence, my pulse strengthens and beats so rapidly I could almost swear it skipped a beat. It was a mixture of a sense of belonging, hatred, amusement, annoyance, and too many to be jotted here. It was..................... too much at this point.

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