Friday, February 5, 2010

nothing goes unpunished or unrewarded

Not only my laptop, but I think I had tortured my ears too much too. Let's see... I had been using earphones (attached to a radio haha) since I was 8 or 9. Had been listening to walkman since I was 12. Had been jamming since I was 16. Everytime I do those things, I tend to do them loudly. And now my left ear and its neural part is having minor damage T_T But thank Allah that it can still detect sound in the normal range although the borderline is quite near already. There are a few things that the audiologist who performed a few audio tests on me said, and thanks to Ecah, I can finally confirm my suspicions which means I'll get to tackle the problem early. By next year, if there is more reduction in my audio test, I'll be referred to a specialist -_-" Hopefully things will go well.

Talking about ears... this Tuesday, I'll be entering a battle of bands here (BOTB) along with Ayien's band. We'll be playing Avenged Sevenfold's Afterlife. Albeit having to play just as a bassist which I find relatively easier than being a guitarist from experience, I'm nevertheless anxious. Tahun lepas punya bands macam gila ja main. Tahun ni sampai SEPULUH KUMPULAN masuk! Penat-penat aku hempas pulas untuk peperiksaan Selanjar 3 Perubatan Fasa 2 yang baru sahaja lepas. Inilah masanya untuk aku bagi sedikit masa untuk aktiviti lain. Letih dah membentuk cocoon sendiri dalam bilik. Ironically, each of my band members (the one I usually perform with) with exception to Ajun, will be playing in different bands. Hee hee. Niat saya mahu join abang Ayien saja-saja :) Semoga tak kantoi.

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