Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the wide forehead is worth it lol

Quoting my friend, "No prayer goes wasted". Alhamdulillah, Allah had answered my prayers. All third year dental students of Universiti Sains Malaysia batch 2009/2010 and that includes me will advance to fourth year in about three months time, with Allah's will. Congrats to my medical counterparts too :D Initially, the dean of Dental School announced me as one of the borderline students. Suddenly, I felt as if my heart beat became weaker - but in a way, I was also grateful for passing the exam. Later, I consulted my former phase coordinator and it turned out it was a mistake! The dean was actually referring to other student, Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah... With this, I shall stride on with confidence.

Thinking of it now... How more ungrateful could I be? Let's get my numerous wrongdoings plus tasks during a few weeks pre-exam listed:
1. I tried to revise three years of medical curriculum within a couple of weeks (I think at this point, I was crazy to think that such thing is achievable, but, nothing is impossible).
2. My devotion to Allah was very shaky. Thank You, Allah, for giving me another chance :'O
3. I had a short period of MDD again. I felt sad for no reason. No reason at all! No shit.
4. Organized a trip to Perhentian Island which consumed quite a portion of my revision time.
5. Spent a week of hols in Subang (which was three weeks before the exam) doing nothing but enjoying myself. Haiz.
6. Was so busy with extra-curricular activities during phase 2.

Nevertheless, my phase coordinator didn't appear to be very happy despite that fact. She expected me to score better and at least get an A... I guess. Takpa, phase 3 is just around the corner ;) I'll try to score that one instead. I'm not sure whether I should let go of the batch leader post. It's sort of burdening especially during my peak of MDD, but it's one of my few attempts on doing good deeds too. See, I'm not much of a good person - which is very obvious and I'm not going to blame it on anyone else.

Hari ini penuh dengan cerita tentang aku dan aku dan aku. Dan yang penting, I'm back in Subang! CIVILIZATIONNNNNNNNNN :D Nicotine here I come JEAHZZZ!

Monday, March 29, 2010

pinch that string, pinch my sinoatrial node

This is uber nerve-wrecking. Help... help... HELP!!!!

So the time is here, finally. The result of all third year medical and dental students of USM's Phase 2 Professional exam will be announced at 4.30pm, with Allah's will, and I wish with all my heart that all of us will pass this exam with flying colours. Nonetheless, this abnormally high amount of adrenaline is still in my blood circulation, exerting its effect on my cells. Whenever I get nervous, I tend to yawn a lot, and today, I lost count on how many times had I yawned. Alhamdulillah, I was given the chance to spend almost a week in Pulau Perhentian. Spent my first three days there with Jijah, Aida (she's better known as Ruby), Izza, Zarif, and Bob, and another three days with only a day of rest before that with Umi, Ayah, and Ahmad. The time felt like it was on overdrive, speeding ahead. Well at least, it felt better than currently - having to wait alone in my hostel. Suddenly, I am more aware of my heartbeat... but I think the rest is feeling the same too, except those who were already called for viva - the A students :P

I'm not really in 'the mood' to write much about both trips, so, here are a couple of photos from my first trip. Perhaps I'll write more in my next entry. Please send prayers for us, guys, need them desperately.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my brain is screaming, "HEEEEEEEEEEELP DUDE!!"

Malam Kebudayaan India 2010 - Boleh lagi 'joker' tak muka aku dalam gambar ini?

After years of laughing at others who have migraine, I think today is the time for me to laugh at myself. The tension level for this year is certainly brought up higher than any year before - for so many reasons. I can barely open my right eye and I rarely get headaches - for some reasons.

So today marks the beginning of 4 days of Phase 2 Professional examination. Sat for 2 essay papers today, 28 questions altogether. Seriously, that paper was the hardest one I had ever answered so far (after living for 21 years :P). Honestly, gave me a good kick in the arse, almost cried my blood out as Umi called me. I was trying to act strong in front of a few friends because they were sad too just now, but I failed to hold my tears back as I picked up the handphone. May Allah assist my colleagues and I through this safely, insya Allah. May all of us pass with flying colours. May with all these tests, I shall stand stronger than ever.

Anyhoo, my current motivations in facing my current exam are:
1. Be a dentist and you need not worry much about the halals and harams getting mixed up. The faster you become one, the better. This is your jihad. (I'm not that good at controlling myself, no kidding. Just have a look at my track record)
2. Make your parents happy. They had sacrificed so much for you. Don't upset them.
3. For the first time in your life, focus on a good thing.
4. Have faith in Allah, Allah has qadha' and qadar set for you. Send your prayers to Allah. Albeit the outcome of it, no prayer is wasted, bear that in mind.
5. See my family members and friends with a smile on my face.
And a few other things.

Oh yeah, talking about family members... Wani asked me to give an acoustic performance at Gravy Baby!, of which I am super nervous about. See, she's the artistic one, she creates good songs, undeniably, but me? I created a few songs but none satisfied me enough, therefore, I usually do covers instead of playing and singing one of my own. I'm trying to drag Izzi and Anith into this. Heh heh. I'm trying to my best to suppress this part of me which is very eager to just get a plane ticket online and fly back home. I want to see all of them. A L L O F T H E M.

Haiz... These almost uncontrollable impulses, they leave ugly marks on me externally and internally. Pity my liver.

Friday, March 19, 2010

here we come, reach for your gun

Anith, Tra, Mel, Farhanah, Kishie, Hannah, dan May, mari mari ke sana? :DDDD 4th Apr? 4th Apr?

Anyhoo, this shall be my very first entry on promoting a cafe and what makes this very place a special one is - it is a musicafe! Acoustic performances + good food = I'm excited :) It's managed by my sister, Wani Ardy, her fiance, Syafiq Zakaria, and her friends, Fynn Jamal and her husband. Gagagaa, nak tengok juga macam mana tempat yang Wani manage, hoho :)

* Change of topic *

"Great people die early"- Bob Bulu

That's something, coming from Bob. Since he's too much of a political person, I rarely give much thought about whatever he says, but this one certainly caught my attention. Nonetheless, I think it makes sense. The 'great' ones surely face so much pressure from so many people - high expectation, self sense of perfection, and etc. In my opinion, each of us is a masochist in our very way, and pressure has us executing our evil plans. Tetapi kan kita ada akal. Zahirah, pakai akal ya? Ah. I miss that notoriety, melodic and uber-fast drum riffs (Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold), I miss those guitar and bass solos ("Dimebag" Darrell of Pantera and Cliff Burton of Metallica), I miss that croaked voice (Hide of X-Japan), I miss that gila-cool-punya acting (Heath Ledger), I miss that unique dance style that no one is able to imitate precisely till today (Michael Jackson), I miss that outrageous lyrics that were made to sound as if they are right (but bear in mind, what's right is right, vice versa)(referring to Imagine by John Lennon of The Beatles), the somehow lazy but enjoyable screams (Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Layne Staley of Alice in Chains), and a few more other stuff. Nevertheless, with every soul that leaves this earth more others will stop by.

But the people I miss the most... I'd rather not have them written here, or some might say I'm being hypocritical. Talking of dead people... Let's talk about Ariel Sharon. So as you know, he was declared to be in persistent vegetative state since 2005 or 2006. The cost of his medical care is about US$400,000 per year. Nevertheless, his family wouldn't consent to withdrawal of his feeding tube. Sabra and Shatila - I will never forget that one (as long as my memory is intact :P).

p/s: Sekarang mod otak jammed, jadi tak peduli tentang tatabahasa. Okay, wassalam.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

si hitam yang mengalami attention deficit disorder

Penat aku melayan si hitam anak si Taylor Swift yang berulang-ulang kali cuba memasuki bilik aku. 'Taylor Swift' here is a brown-coloured female cat that has an annoying habit which is to meow very loudly at a very high pitch, hence, her given name - Taylor Swift. It's not like I let her to starve to death. I feed her TWICE daily, for God's sake, and she's still very skinny! Macam ada bertan cacing dalam perut sahaja. As a matter of fact, there was a period when I actually tried to fatten her up by feeding her almost four times per day, but it failed miserably. She's still SKINNY. Must be problematic metabolism. Nevertheless, I still keep feeding her from day to day for a reason - to annoy her. I think she has some sort of prefrontal syndrome (it's a collection of signs or symptoms in which one couldn't stop himself from doing socially unacceptable acts and bla bla bla). She'll scratch you if you swing anything near her (not shove okay). No, I'm not that cruel to torture her without purpose, I only do that whenever she tries to enter my room - just like her kitten.

My mood swing worsens this week. I keep sending ridiculous messages to Mel and Anith. I cry everytime Umi calls me. I keep having kids I never knew of (Russell Peters again) haha! No, seriously, my mood swing is worsening, but I think it's a typical pre-exam syndrome. Nonetheless, I'm actually more worried about my MDD - since I'm starting to get middle insomnia for no reason! Hopefully it'll be okay, insya Allah. Focus, Zahirah, FOCUS! I had just finished another lecture note and that feeling of "Okay, that's it. That's the last lecture note for today" is already here, so I guess I should de-stress as Umi advised me. So, I'm going to another fake kopitiam in Kubang Kerian. FAKE KOPITIAM how interesting is that? As long as they have good food - count me in! DAHLAH AKU DAH MANIC RASANYA NI BABAI.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboys from Heaven

Pantera's upcoming greatest hits collection, 1990-2000: A Decade of Domination

Finally, another album to get after almost a couple of months (and mind you, a couple of years before of buying NONE - was too occupied) after my last one. So, anyway, about the album - obviously there isn't any additional track that wasn't released before, but the tracks for this collection were remastered. It's supposed to be a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell Abbott who was shot dead by a schizophrenic guy.

I'm currently having this, "To statistically deviate from majority of the population means to become abnormal, but what if I dislike being stereotyped? What if being abnormal feels more normal?", as my shoutout. This is indeed a thought that has been in my head since I gained the ability to recall my memories. Did you notice that people who usually behave differently from others are frequently dissed albeit giving the world things that are greater than that in normal context, and when they pass away, ironically, they are spoken of very highly, suddenly dubbed as the 'unique one' instead of the 'weirdo'. But then again, that is us, being usually ungrateful for whatever we have in front of us until it is taken back by our Creator. Therefore, Zahirah, please be grateful of these hours that you still have before Phase 2 Professional exam. Dewa mata atode :P

Saturday, March 13, 2010

i may be a little tone deaf but that certainly sounds like you were farting arghh

Since my humour part of the brain is some decaying due to excessive stress, I tried to cure it with watching this video (don't worry USMians, the site is not blocked). Please pay attention to this, "That's amazing, how did you do that?". "Same way I did your mom, Fred". Kuajia, kuajiakkkk, I don't quite know how many times have I watched the video, but the humour is always there XD Ok, bye, esok atau lusa saya akan buang post ini sebab terlampau tak penting.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Aku yakin aku jerit. Sebahagian otakku cuba untuk menggerakkan otot-otot di muka, diafragma, larinks, lidah, dan beberapa bahagian lain yang aku sudah tak berapa ingat. Tetapi, semacam ada satu tangan halimunan mencekik kuat tekakku. Akhirnya, aku hanya terduduk, bersandarkan dinding kosong, hampa, jeritan itu hanya berada dalam minda aku... seperti selalu. Laju nafas yang aku hembus, laju lagi air mata yang mengalir ini. Ternyatalah aku terlampau banyak memendam.

O Allah, I miss them so much. Please grant me the strength to face these tests. May with Your every test, I stand stronger. May with this strength You grant me, I am able to lend my hand to others. May with these tears You gave me, my heart cures in no time. May with these companies You keep me with through years, I shall feel content and happy even after this life.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

parental advisory required (CONGRATS AHMAD!)

First thing first, one of major events in Ahmad's life (I guess so) - S-freaking-P-guigiaro-M (SPM in short)! Praises to Allah, my prayers had been answered, Alhamdulillah.

Tahniah, adikku yang seorang, Ahmad Abdul Rahim kerana mendapat 14A dalam peperiksaan SPM.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar! May he too grow up to be a great man. Ahmad, tahniah atas keputusan yang cemerlang ini. Selepas ini insya Allah, kalau esok masih ada, kalau roh masih dalam jasad, kalau daya menggerakkan tubuh badan masih kuat, perjalanan Ahmad masih jauh. Yang 'jauh' itu tidak penting. Yang penting kita semua melakukan segala perkara yang baik itu sepenuh hati, berikan yang terbaik, dan Ahmad pun lebih mengetahui perkara ini - iaitu lakukannya untuk Allah. Sama sahaja seperti sebelum ini, Kak Ira akan sentiasa membantu Ahmad seboleh mungkin. Gua sayang sama lu, Mamima.

Alhamdulillah, so far, my every sibling (including myself, Alhamdulillah) is doing quite well in our own field (I emphasize on this because I'm increasingly irritated when majority of us want every single soul on earth to only study critical courses. Have we forgotten the true reasons educational institutions were formed in the first place?). May Allah bless us even after this very life, insya Allah...

There you go, the initial reason I clicked on the 'Post blog' link. It is unfortunate for me to announce here about the departure of my late headset. He had been a great companion during his few months of life. He was killed by.............. ME. Evidences are as shown above. Nonetheless, I'm also glad to inform that I had bought a new one. The exact same model, but it's black in colour (memang tak ngam dengan handphone aku. Cis.). Sekian, Berita Mangsa Keganasan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

through ages, biar bulu menari

Ini semua salah Incik Hazrizul Azam (atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ayien). Disebabkan aku masuk BOTB dengan dia lah aku mula mendengar kembali lagu-lagu 'besi' dan genre yang seiringan dengannya. Hm.

This kind of songs are best heard using speaker of course, and most desirably - a subwoofer. Biar sampai bergoyang bulu-bulu. If anyone out there is willing to buy me one, aish... memang bersyukurlah saya. Nak beli headphones yang berharga beratus-ratus ringgit seperti si Zarif ketagihkan, tak mampu pula. Apabila saya dah jadi doktor gigi bertauliah, insya Allah saya beli yang memang ada 'whoa factor' punya. "MIND BLASTING", as Russell Peters say it (Cik Melissa Mam Yudi pasti belum tengok video dia seperti yang disarankan aku. Hm). Anyhoo, I sorta sympathize my neighbours for having to listen to everything from AC/DC, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Metallica, dan yang paling kasihan sebab mereka terpaksa mendengar nyanyian Pantera dan Iron Maiden. Maaflah, memandangkan Incik Bulan sedang melawat saya, saya mengalami 'mood swing' yang melampau. Saya sedang mengenang kembali saat-saat saya masih dalam perut Umi (walaupun mustahil Umi mendengar lagu seperti itu dan mustahil juga saya boleh mengingat kembali saat itu).

Yesterday, I was scheduled to have an x-ray of my left knee taken, but the appointment was too early! Oleh sebab Incik Bulan datang melawat, saya pun bangun lambat (alasan terang-terangan), lalu terlepas sesi temujanji itu. During a futsal tournament held by Dental School of USM, I fell down and to add more injury to that, a lady sort of flew into the air and landed on me while I was in a crawling position. Sedap. The thing that differentiates men futsal and women futsal in my opinion is - the level of BRUTALITY. I do think women demonstrate less mercy when it comes to competition, not that I'm condemning my own species, but it's a freaking fact. Since I was the defender of my team and I happened to guard the goal without other team members except our goalkeeper of course, when the opponents couldn't get through our defend, they opted for my legs instead of that fucking ball (aku marah ni). Apa tendang kaki pula? Kaki aku memang tak kecil, tapi taklah sampai rupa bola. Cis. Kan tak rata jadinya tisu lembut yang mengalasi tulang kering aku ni.

Sudahlah aku tak berhenti merepek kalau ini berterusan. Si Ahmad mungkin terpaksa menunggu lebih lama di lapangan terbang Kelantan.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

peace be upon him

I received this email from my friend, Aji, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Muslim or not... I hope our heart will soften and open up to the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh), insya Allah.

Suddenly, there was a person said salaam.
“May I come in?” he asked.
But Fatimah did not allow him enter the room.
I’m sorry, my father is ill,” said Fatimah turned back and closed the door.
She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah,
“Who was he, my daughter?”
“I don’t know, my father. It was the first time for me to see him,” Fatimah said gently.
Then, Rasulullah looked at his daughter with trembled look, as if he wanted
to reminisce about every part of her daughter’s face.
“Know one thing! He is who erases the temporary pleasure; he is who separates the companionship in the world.
He is the death angel,” said Rasulullah .
Fatimah bore the bomb of her cry. The death angel came toward him,
But Rasulullah asked why Jibril did not come along with him.
Then, Jibril was called. Jibril was ready in the sky to welcome the soul of
Habibullah and the leader of the earth.
“O Jibril, explain me about my rights in front of ALLAH?” Rasulullah asked with a weakest voice.
“The doors of sky has opened, the angels are waiting for your soul.”
“All jannats open widely waiting for you,” Jibril said.
But, in fact, those all did not make Rasulullah relieve, his eyes
were still full of worry.
“You are not happy to hear this news?” asked Jibril.
“Tell me about the destiny of my people in future?”
“Don’t worry, o Rasul ALLAH . I heard ALLAH told me: ‘I make Jannat haram
for every one, except the people of Muhammad”
Jibril said.
It became closer and closer, the time for Malaekat Izrail to dohis work.
Slowly, Rasulullah’s soul was pulled. It was seemed that the body of
Rasulullah was full of sweat; the nerves of his neck became tight.
“Jibril, how pain this sakaratul maut is!”
Rasulullah uttered a groan slowly. Fatimah closed her eyes, Ali sat beside
her bow deeply and Jibril turned his face back.
“Am I repugnant to you that you turn your face back o Jibril?”
Rasulullah asked to the Deliverer of Wahyu.
“Who is the one who could see the Habibullah in his sakaratul maut,” Jibril said.
Not for a while, Rasulullah uttered a groan because of unbearable
“O ALLAH, how greatest is this sakaratul maut. Give me all these pains,
don’t to my people.”
The body of Rasulullah became cold, his feet and chest did not
move anymore.
His lips vibrated as if he wanted to say something, Ali took his
ear close to Rasulullah .
“Uushiikum bis shalati, wa maa malakat aimanuku – take care the saalat and
take care the weak people among you.”
Outside the room, there were cries shouted at each other, sahabah
held each other. Fatimah closed her face with her hands and, again, Ali took
his ear close to Rasulullah’s mouth which became bluish.
“Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii?” – “My people, my people, my people.”
And the life of the noble man ended.
Could we love each other like him? Allahumma sholli ‘ala Muhammad
wa baarik wa salim ‘alaihi. How deep is Rasulullah’s love to us.
Send this to all your Muslim friends so that the awareness to love
and His Rasul appears as ALLAH and His Rasul love us – because -
truly -
the other loves, except it is only fana thing. Ameen.
Don’t worry if people hate you because there are many others whoa
love and
care you in the earth. But be worry if ALLAH hates you because
there is no
other who loves and cares you in akhirat

aaaaa tolongbosancantakeacrapimsleepybuticantsleepyetagain

Aku bosan betul dah ni, padahal nota bertingkat-tingkat lagi harus baca. Tak sedar diri sungguh si Zahirah. Takpa, hari ini berjaya habiskan SATU NOTA! Takpa, esok sepuluh. Lusa, insya Allah, kembali mod optimum, dua puluh nota. Harap-harap Incik Otak akan terus bekerja keras bersama saya.

If only they're here in Kelantan... :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

do i look like Ryan's mom?

Phase 2 Professional exam is only 13 days away and I have to cover up 5-6 major blocks within these very few days................ hm... come to think of it... it's not like it's my first time. Patutlah Umi kata, "Hai! Dah third year pun nervous lagi??". YOSH! Come on, I'm gonna work my arse off, squeeze every brain juice I possess, score well, continue the winning streak, and give myself a gooooood treat during end of third year hols, insya Allah :) May all of us do well this time, may all of us do wayyyy better this time! Amiiin...

Change of mood

By the way, I'm very worried... somehow my depression seems like it's making a comeback. I feel sad at awkward times for no reason, no reason at all, I assure you! I'm getting more pesimistic from time to time. I'm starting to carry out maladaptive acts whenever I get stressed (it's not from studies, I assure you that too). I feel like leaving the people around me for good, gets easily agitated, and bladdah bladdah. Oh, Allah, please don't let it get to me :'( Please, not again, but I'm losing hope. Since I had had two episodes of it, statistically, the risk of me to develop my third episode is approximately 80%.

I'm glad that I'm writing this here because it means the risk of me to actually committing it is considerably lower than a person who doesn't tell it out to anyone. It freaks me out just like it always did - 'it' refers to the feeling of wanting to disappear. Just disappear into thin air. Poof. Coco Crunch.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

one, two, FLUSH!

'Twas a hard decision. I've gotta admit there was pain involved, but anyway, I have made my decision to let this hole seal itself. Besides, I can always have it done again in the future, as Mel said.

Anyhoo, this might sound childish, but suka hati depa la, I did it for the sake of marking myself as 'the different one' among them in the university. I can't really say it's because I have any form of vengeance towards them. It's more of getting increasingly annoyed (it's a harsh word to be used, but it came straight from my heart) of the attitude of so many people there, which brings me to another hypothesis - Isolating health sciences, medical, and dentistry students in one place, away from students of other subjects affects proper development of our mind.

Taking critical courses perhaps gives a boost to one's ego, hence, such unpleasant attitude. Alhamdulillah, there is Subang, my family members, my childhood beloveds, Joni the cat, Kak Jannah, and other friends with different ways of thinking. Most importantly, Allah is always here for me. Allah is always here for all of us indeed. Al-Quran and As-Sunnah are here too. Seriously, Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah that this sanity is here to stay.

From left to right : Kishie, Faris Chen, Hannah, Farhanah, Izrin, Tra, Melissa, Anith, and I.

6th March 2010 marked my dear childhood friend, Wan Athirah Wan Yusof's twenty second birthday and six days later shall be dear Farhanah Zullkefle's. Therefore, Mel, Anith, and I decided to celebrate both birthdays at a go at Tarbush, Sunway Pyramid. Kishie, Faris, Hannah, May, and Izrin joined us too, which makes this a memorable one for each one of us. The place was gorgeous, the food was very filling, everything was perfect except for............... THE ANNOYING CONTINUOUSLY LOUD REPEATING LEBANESE SONGS which later became a lame joke among us :) So, with this, I wish...

Happy birthday to my two very precious friends, Farhanah Zullkefle and Wan Athirah Yusof

You guys need not be reminded of how much I love you guys, and I wish all the best for both of you in life as well as afterlife.

So, next! Yet another major event in my life. A bigger one than previously mentioned - my big brother, Abdul Hanan Abdul Rahim and Suraya Mohammad's wedding reception. It was quite incomplete with Wani's absence. For once, I had to act like a grown up in a family event. See, since I'm the younger sister, I tend to act carelessly, but it's different during that event. I feel like writing more, but I'm too sleepy at this time. Currently staying up since I'll be flying back to Kelantan in approximately 6 hours, insya Allah.

Selamat pengantin baru, Along dan Kak Suraya. Semoga kekal bahagia bersama di dunia dan di akhirat nanti, amiiin...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

(Please insert your title here)

I reach towards the sky
I've said my goodbyes
My heart's always with you now
- Avenged Sevenfold in Gunslinger

Esok akan bertolak balik Subang, insya Allah. According to my own graph of 'success vs. pressure', success is proportionately related to pressure, which means, the more pressure there is, the better one shall perform. However at pressure X (which varies for every person on earth), the equation differs. Beyond pressure X, success is inversely related to pressure, which means, the less pressure one is under, the better one shall perform. Today, I have reached pressure X, therefore, it's time to extinguish the excessive flammmmmmme. Api apabila kecil memang jadi kawan, tapi bila ia terlampau besar, jadi lawan kita pula. Gua tamau, tamauuuuu. Yak.

p/s: Aku tak faham... apa sebabnya tulisan jadi gedabak ni.

poetry is not equivalent to senseless rants

I have been growing up reading my sister, Wani's writings and a few other poets (baca buku Wani diam-diam, kekekeke). It's not a new thing that I'm more into scientific stuff and Wani has always been a more artistic person, who in my opinion specializes in literature (creative writing, etc.). Therefore, I dare say I know a good poem when I read one (I guess hahah! Nevertheless, I humbly leave it to the experts), VICE VERSA. Ayah kata, "Sedap tapi pedas", opposes "Pedas tapi sedap", of course, the latter being a good compliment, while the former is somehow a 'kritikan beralas'. So, what I'm trying to emphasize here is that... I know senseless rants (that are written in such way that you'd think they are brilliant at a go) when I read them... I guess :P And once I do, they just annoy me so much I feel like sending virus to these bloggers (no I shall not recognise them as poets).

Freedom of speech.

Sorry, I don't believe in such bullshit. What's my reason? I'll put it down this way - it's simply that WE HUMANS DON'T FREAKING KNOW OF CONTROLLING OUR OWN FREAKING MOUTH - exceptions to a few gifted people, of course. No wonder we're given one mouth only. Oh, let's add another reason to that - Denmark. Period.

Hyperboles? Metaphors? I think I understand them quite well, but I hate grammatical errors and misused vocabs. Okay, it's utterly falsehood to say 'hate' in this context. It's actually LOATHE, especially when such feelings of superiority and arrogance accompany them. The feelings are so intense that they are able to be channeled straight from the poems to my very own endocardium. Sebagai penutup, sebagai manusia yang masih belajar pelbagai perkara, tak perlulah kita bersikap bodoh sombong malah berasa takbur pula menunjukkan perangai keji itu.

I know a poser when I see one. I should be less judgemental.