Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboys from Heaven

Pantera's upcoming greatest hits collection, 1990-2000: A Decade of Domination

Finally, another album to get after almost a couple of months (and mind you, a couple of years before of buying NONE - was too occupied) after my last one. So, anyway, about the album - obviously there isn't any additional track that wasn't released before, but the tracks for this collection were remastered. It's supposed to be a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell Abbott who was shot dead by a schizophrenic guy.

I'm currently having this, "To statistically deviate from majority of the population means to become abnormal, but what if I dislike being stereotyped? What if being abnormal feels more normal?", as my shoutout. This is indeed a thought that has been in my head since I gained the ability to recall my memories. Did you notice that people who usually behave differently from others are frequently dissed albeit giving the world things that are greater than that in normal context, and when they pass away, ironically, they are spoken of very highly, suddenly dubbed as the 'unique one' instead of the 'weirdo'. But then again, that is us, being usually ungrateful for whatever we have in front of us until it is taken back by our Creator. Therefore, Zahirah, please be grateful of these hours that you still have before Phase 2 Professional exam. Dewa mata atode :P

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