Friday, March 19, 2010

here we come, reach for your gun

Anith, Tra, Mel, Farhanah, Kishie, Hannah, dan May, mari mari ke sana? :DDDD 4th Apr? 4th Apr?

Anyhoo, this shall be my very first entry on promoting a cafe and what makes this very place a special one is - it is a musicafe! Acoustic performances + good food = I'm excited :) It's managed by my sister, Wani Ardy, her fiance, Syafiq Zakaria, and her friends, Fynn Jamal and her husband. Gagagaa, nak tengok juga macam mana tempat yang Wani manage, hoho :)

* Change of topic *

"Great people die early"- Bob Bulu

That's something, coming from Bob. Since he's too much of a political person, I rarely give much thought about whatever he says, but this one certainly caught my attention. Nonetheless, I think it makes sense. The 'great' ones surely face so much pressure from so many people - high expectation, self sense of perfection, and etc. In my opinion, each of us is a masochist in our very way, and pressure has us executing our evil plans. Tetapi kan kita ada akal. Zahirah, pakai akal ya? Ah. I miss that notoriety, melodic and uber-fast drum riffs (Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold), I miss those guitar and bass solos ("Dimebag" Darrell of Pantera and Cliff Burton of Metallica), I miss that croaked voice (Hide of X-Japan), I miss that gila-cool-punya acting (Heath Ledger), I miss that unique dance style that no one is able to imitate precisely till today (Michael Jackson), I miss that outrageous lyrics that were made to sound as if they are right (but bear in mind, what's right is right, vice versa)(referring to Imagine by John Lennon of The Beatles), the somehow lazy but enjoyable screams (Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Layne Staley of Alice in Chains), and a few more other stuff. Nevertheless, with every soul that leaves this earth more others will stop by.

But the people I miss the most... I'd rather not have them written here, or some might say I'm being hypocritical. Talking of dead people... Let's talk about Ariel Sharon. So as you know, he was declared to be in persistent vegetative state since 2005 or 2006. The cost of his medical care is about US$400,000 per year. Nevertheless, his family wouldn't consent to withdrawal of his feeding tube. Sabra and Shatila - I will never forget that one (as long as my memory is intact :P).

p/s: Sekarang mod otak jammed, jadi tak peduli tentang tatabahasa. Okay, wassalam.


Anonymous said...

jom~ =D
p/s: i deactivate my fb please text me k if u r going..hihi.. -fana-

zahirah ardy said...

Fanaaaa why did u deactivate it? aaaaaaaaa~