Sunday, March 21, 2010

my brain is screaming, "HEEEEEEEEEEELP DUDE!!"

Malam Kebudayaan India 2010 - Boleh lagi 'joker' tak muka aku dalam gambar ini?

After years of laughing at others who have migraine, I think today is the time for me to laugh at myself. The tension level for this year is certainly brought up higher than any year before - for so many reasons. I can barely open my right eye and I rarely get headaches - for some reasons.

So today marks the beginning of 4 days of Phase 2 Professional examination. Sat for 2 essay papers today, 28 questions altogether. Seriously, that paper was the hardest one I had ever answered so far (after living for 21 years :P). Honestly, gave me a good kick in the arse, almost cried my blood out as Umi called me. I was trying to act strong in front of a few friends because they were sad too just now, but I failed to hold my tears back as I picked up the handphone. May Allah assist my colleagues and I through this safely, insya Allah. May all of us pass with flying colours. May with all these tests, I shall stand stronger than ever.

Anyhoo, my current motivations in facing my current exam are:
1. Be a dentist and you need not worry much about the halals and harams getting mixed up. The faster you become one, the better. This is your jihad. (I'm not that good at controlling myself, no kidding. Just have a look at my track record)
2. Make your parents happy. They had sacrificed so much for you. Don't upset them.
3. For the first time in your life, focus on a good thing.
4. Have faith in Allah, Allah has qadha' and qadar set for you. Send your prayers to Allah. Albeit the outcome of it, no prayer is wasted, bear that in mind.
5. See my family members and friends with a smile on my face.
And a few other things.

Oh yeah, talking about family members... Wani asked me to give an acoustic performance at Gravy Baby!, of which I am super nervous about. See, she's the artistic one, she creates good songs, undeniably, but me? I created a few songs but none satisfied me enough, therefore, I usually do covers instead of playing and singing one of my own. I'm trying to drag Izzi and Anith into this. Heh heh. I'm trying to my best to suppress this part of me which is very eager to just get a plane ticket online and fly back home. I want to see all of them. A L L O F T H E M.

Haiz... These almost uncontrollable impulses, they leave ugly marks on me externally and internally. Pity my liver.


wiki said...

I really like no.4 =D

zahirah ardy said...

dude, when are you going to have a blog of your own? aku bosan dah baca blog sama :P