Sunday, March 7, 2010

one, two, FLUSH!

'Twas a hard decision. I've gotta admit there was pain involved, but anyway, I have made my decision to let this hole seal itself. Besides, I can always have it done again in the future, as Mel said.

Anyhoo, this might sound childish, but suka hati depa la, I did it for the sake of marking myself as 'the different one' among them in the university. I can't really say it's because I have any form of vengeance towards them. It's more of getting increasingly annoyed (it's a harsh word to be used, but it came straight from my heart) of the attitude of so many people there, which brings me to another hypothesis - Isolating health sciences, medical, and dentistry students in one place, away from students of other subjects affects proper development of our mind.

Taking critical courses perhaps gives a boost to one's ego, hence, such unpleasant attitude. Alhamdulillah, there is Subang, my family members, my childhood beloveds, Joni the cat, Kak Jannah, and other friends with different ways of thinking. Most importantly, Allah is always here for me. Allah is always here for all of us indeed. Al-Quran and As-Sunnah are here too. Seriously, Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah that this sanity is here to stay.

From left to right : Kishie, Faris Chen, Hannah, Farhanah, Izrin, Tra, Melissa, Anith, and I.

6th March 2010 marked my dear childhood friend, Wan Athirah Wan Yusof's twenty second birthday and six days later shall be dear Farhanah Zullkefle's. Therefore, Mel, Anith, and I decided to celebrate both birthdays at a go at Tarbush, Sunway Pyramid. Kishie, Faris, Hannah, May, and Izrin joined us too, which makes this a memorable one for each one of us. The place was gorgeous, the food was very filling, everything was perfect except for............... THE ANNOYING CONTINUOUSLY LOUD REPEATING LEBANESE SONGS which later became a lame joke among us :) So, with this, I wish...

Happy birthday to my two very precious friends, Farhanah Zullkefle and Wan Athirah Yusof

You guys need not be reminded of how much I love you guys, and I wish all the best for both of you in life as well as afterlife.

So, next! Yet another major event in my life. A bigger one than previously mentioned - my big brother, Abdul Hanan Abdul Rahim and Suraya Mohammad's wedding reception. It was quite incomplete with Wani's absence. For once, I had to act like a grown up in a family event. See, since I'm the younger sister, I tend to act carelessly, but it's different during that event. I feel like writing more, but I'm too sleepy at this time. Currently staying up since I'll be flying back to Kelantan in approximately 6 hours, insya Allah.

Selamat pengantin baru, Along dan Kak Suraya. Semoga kekal bahagia bersama di dunia dan di akhirat nanti, amiiin...

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