Monday, March 29, 2010

pinch that string, pinch my sinoatrial node

This is uber nerve-wrecking. Help... help... HELP!!!!

So the time is here, finally. The result of all third year medical and dental students of USM's Phase 2 Professional exam will be announced at 4.30pm, with Allah's will, and I wish with all my heart that all of us will pass this exam with flying colours. Nonetheless, this abnormally high amount of adrenaline is still in my blood circulation, exerting its effect on my cells. Whenever I get nervous, I tend to yawn a lot, and today, I lost count on how many times had I yawned. Alhamdulillah, I was given the chance to spend almost a week in Pulau Perhentian. Spent my first three days there with Jijah, Aida (she's better known as Ruby), Izza, Zarif, and Bob, and another three days with only a day of rest before that with Umi, Ayah, and Ahmad. The time felt like it was on overdrive, speeding ahead. Well at least, it felt better than currently - having to wait alone in my hostel. Suddenly, I am more aware of my heartbeat... but I think the rest is feeling the same too, except those who were already called for viva - the A students :P

I'm not really in 'the mood' to write much about both trips, so, here are a couple of photos from my first trip. Perhaps I'll write more in my next entry. Please send prayers for us, guys, need them desperately.

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