Wednesday, March 3, 2010

poetry is not equivalent to senseless rants

I have been growing up reading my sister, Wani's writings and a few other poets (baca buku Wani diam-diam, kekekeke). It's not a new thing that I'm more into scientific stuff and Wani has always been a more artistic person, who in my opinion specializes in literature (creative writing, etc.). Therefore, I dare say I know a good poem when I read one (I guess hahah! Nevertheless, I humbly leave it to the experts), VICE VERSA. Ayah kata, "Sedap tapi pedas", opposes "Pedas tapi sedap", of course, the latter being a good compliment, while the former is somehow a 'kritikan beralas'. So, what I'm trying to emphasize here is that... I know senseless rants (that are written in such way that you'd think they are brilliant at a go) when I read them... I guess :P And once I do, they just annoy me so much I feel like sending virus to these bloggers (no I shall not recognise them as poets).

Freedom of speech.

Sorry, I don't believe in such bullshit. What's my reason? I'll put it down this way - it's simply that WE HUMANS DON'T FREAKING KNOW OF CONTROLLING OUR OWN FREAKING MOUTH - exceptions to a few gifted people, of course. No wonder we're given one mouth only. Oh, let's add another reason to that - Denmark. Period.

Hyperboles? Metaphors? I think I understand them quite well, but I hate grammatical errors and misused vocabs. Okay, it's utterly falsehood to say 'hate' in this context. It's actually LOATHE, especially when such feelings of superiority and arrogance accompany them. The feelings are so intense that they are able to be channeled straight from the poems to my very own endocardium. Sebagai penutup, sebagai manusia yang masih belajar pelbagai perkara, tak perlulah kita bersikap bodoh sombong malah berasa takbur pula menunjukkan perangai keji itu.

I know a poser when I see one. I should be less judgemental.

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