Thursday, March 18, 2010

si hitam yang mengalami attention deficit disorder

Penat aku melayan si hitam anak si Taylor Swift yang berulang-ulang kali cuba memasuki bilik aku. 'Taylor Swift' here is a brown-coloured female cat that has an annoying habit which is to meow very loudly at a very high pitch, hence, her given name - Taylor Swift. It's not like I let her to starve to death. I feed her TWICE daily, for God's sake, and she's still very skinny! Macam ada bertan cacing dalam perut sahaja. As a matter of fact, there was a period when I actually tried to fatten her up by feeding her almost four times per day, but it failed miserably. She's still SKINNY. Must be problematic metabolism. Nevertheless, I still keep feeding her from day to day for a reason - to annoy her. I think she has some sort of prefrontal syndrome (it's a collection of signs or symptoms in which one couldn't stop himself from doing socially unacceptable acts and bla bla bla). She'll scratch you if you swing anything near her (not shove okay). No, I'm not that cruel to torture her without purpose, I only do that whenever she tries to enter my room - just like her kitten.

My mood swing worsens this week. I keep sending ridiculous messages to Mel and Anith. I cry everytime Umi calls me. I keep having kids I never knew of (Russell Peters again) haha! No, seriously, my mood swing is worsening, but I think it's a typical pre-exam syndrome. Nonetheless, I'm actually more worried about my MDD - since I'm starting to get middle insomnia for no reason! Hopefully it'll be okay, insya Allah. Focus, Zahirah, FOCUS! I had just finished another lecture note and that feeling of "Okay, that's it. That's the last lecture note for today" is already here, so I guess I should de-stress as Umi advised me. So, I'm going to another fake kopitiam in Kubang Kerian. FAKE KOPITIAM how interesting is that? As long as they have good food - count me in! DAHLAH AKU DAH MANIC RASANYA NI BABAI.

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