Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the wide forehead is worth it lol

Quoting my friend, "No prayer goes wasted". Alhamdulillah, Allah had answered my prayers. All third year dental students of Universiti Sains Malaysia batch 2009/2010 and that includes me will advance to fourth year in about three months time, with Allah's will. Congrats to my medical counterparts too :D Initially, the dean of Dental School announced me as one of the borderline students. Suddenly, I felt as if my heart beat became weaker - but in a way, I was also grateful for passing the exam. Later, I consulted my former phase coordinator and it turned out it was a mistake! The dean was actually referring to other student, Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah... With this, I shall stride on with confidence.

Thinking of it now... How more ungrateful could I be? Let's get my numerous wrongdoings plus tasks during a few weeks pre-exam listed:
1. I tried to revise three years of medical curriculum within a couple of weeks (I think at this point, I was crazy to think that such thing is achievable, but, nothing is impossible).
2. My devotion to Allah was very shaky. Thank You, Allah, for giving me another chance :'O
3. I had a short period of MDD again. I felt sad for no reason. No reason at all! No shit.
4. Organized a trip to Perhentian Island which consumed quite a portion of my revision time.
5. Spent a week of hols in Subang (which was three weeks before the exam) doing nothing but enjoying myself. Haiz.
6. Was so busy with extra-curricular activities during phase 2.

Nevertheless, my phase coordinator didn't appear to be very happy despite that fact. She expected me to score better and at least get an A... I guess. Takpa, phase 3 is just around the corner ;) I'll try to score that one instead. I'm not sure whether I should let go of the batch leader post. It's sort of burdening especially during my peak of MDD, but it's one of my few attempts on doing good deeds too. See, I'm not much of a good person - which is very obvious and I'm not going to blame it on anyone else.

Hari ini penuh dengan cerita tentang aku dan aku dan aku. Dan yang penting, I'm back in Subang! CIVILIZATIONNNNNNNNNN :D Nicotine here I come JEAHZZZ!

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