Thursday, April 15, 2010

a dentist wearing hearing aids?

Apart from the news about my hearing impairment after going through audiometry, I honestly think that it's starting to deteriorate again. Misheard for... more than ever. The audiologist told me the impairment is irreversible and I'm supposed to put on earplugs when needed... obviously I defaulted her instructions bahahaha! I still have perfect pitch (the opposite of tone deafness) for me to play any song correctly without looking at any musical sheet, but it gets frustrating when a few of the notes are at such low frequency that I can barely hear without adjusting the equalizer. And for some reasons, my hair cells (the first cell that detects any sound that reaches our ears) are very sensitive to high frequency waves, which makes me agitated to a few stuff such as giggles (you know... those high pitch ones) and etc., except if they're melodious. That's why I can tolerate guitar solos, mind set ja kot. I think I should undergo another set of audiometry tests once I enter fourth year, just in case my hearing drops another 10dB (or was it hertz? I don't know, I'm not a frigging audiologist! HAAHA!) - and if such thing happens, I'll have to wear hearing aids. Ayah kata, "Kan tak semenggah kalau dentist pakai hearing aid", but I argued back, "Tapi... Ira pakai tudung. Keh keh keh". I'm actually worried, frankly. Don't want to be another Danny Elfman - in a good way :P


aisyah reduzan said...

nak ke full test??aku tolong kau??deal??

EmmaVerdona124 said...

I understand ya dude,
once U get your hearing aids, the better you get, the more you'll gain

and remember, 2 is better than just 1
that's why I wear 2 hearing aids XD

also gimme a holler if U want some troubleshootin!

zahirah ardy said...

T_T Ecah, aku mau, tapi tunggu hujung tahun ni. Hari tu audiologist yang supervised kau kata tnggu stahun kan? so aku tunggu hujung tahun ni, insya Allah. tapi kau bkan dah habis ka? O_O!

Thanks, Emma (if you don't mind me calling you Emma)! Finally someone is supporting me about wearing hearing aids. I'll have to wait about 5 more months for my next audiometry tests and figure out my next step :)