Sunday, April 4, 2010

the difference between the real one and its opposite

I wish you knew. I utterly mean this. I wish you knew about the real deal, behind those harsh words, there is something else. My apologies for not representing my real self.

Had to delete them. I'm annoyed and I'm having my mood swing again :P Duduk rumah saja aku malam ini, jadi anak yang baik sedikit. Besides, I'm dwelt in my own worried thoughts. I hope the doc will diagnose it as a benign thing. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless my colleague, Chew Shi Long, too, who is still 'asleep' currently (please don't bug Yenyen to confirm this. She had been bugged too much already) after sustaining a head injury. Please wake up, dude, frankly, you are the kindest Chinese guy in our batch, no kidding. You were the first Chinese guy who talked to me when we were in Lecture Hall 4 during our first year. My prayers accompany you all along, I give you my word.

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