Saturday, April 17, 2010

i give a part of my heart to you

I'm not sure whether this is right, nor do I know whether I'm going to regret it for months if I let him go. Right when he came into my sight, I just knew he's the right one. That great body of his, the golden locks, those precise, sharp notes, everything! Just everything! "I must get him!!", I told myself. Well, I wasn't referring to an actual person, jimmy-caps! I'm talking about Paul Reed Smith SE Mikael Akerfeldt guitar. I'm actually going to work my arse off for this one. Umi will be sponsoring some, but a major part of his cost shall be covered by me, myself. Whether it's by working as a cashier again as before or as a tutor just as the one I'll try this coming Monday, I MUST GATHER THE CASH BEFORE HOLS ENDS!

And if I actually succeed in doing so, I'll finally declare myself a more matured person. Oh well, there will always be a number of people condemning my action, but those very people might have been splurging their money on other stuff such as clothes, shoes, cars and their accessories, etc. YOSH, ZAHIRAH! CHARGE!


Ryfo said...

prs dohh.if aku hardworking enough cam kau aku nk fender tele john 5 custom.tone dia lagi yum2

zahirah ardy said...

Riff, turned out that parents aku tak kasi aku kerja langsung T_T but they'r buying me this during end of this month, Alhamdulillah. but later bila scholarship sampai, that'll be RM1600 of my scholarship, leaving me RM2000 only. parents aku supply 30% mcm tu.

Drew said...

Hey, have been looking for this in Malaysia. Where and how much did you get this for?