Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i love my guns

Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah, and thank you to Umi for my very first electrical guitar and amplifier. Thanks to my younger brother, Ahmad, for accompanying me and Izzi for willing to pick me up T_T Oh, how can I repay you guys? :') Oh yeah, this shall be a long post so skip on!

During those days (early high school era), I remember listening to Marilyn Manson and watched a video on John5 playing my-then-dream guitar, the Ibanez AX 7-521 which had 7 strings. So I started to dream a little about having them. It's not until I was 16 when I really wanted an electrical guitar for myself, as in really really. Nevertheless, I knew I didn't do well in my studies during that time because I was busy ENJOYING MY HIGH SCHOOL PERIOD woohoo and later did very badly in SPM, but Umi and Ayah aren't downright cruel. They bought me a classical guitar, a cheap one, but sounds way better than a Kapok. Ayah has good ears for these stuff, indeed. "Tengok dulu macam mana awak main ni", Umi said. "Belajar elok-elok okay". That guitar might be the one with which I had learnt playing so many songs and techniques in a short period.

Gitaku (Irene model by Admira)

I held to those words strongly. No, it's not 'held'. It's more of 'hold'. Beyond my best expectation, I actually scored during the first semester of matriculation. As Umi and Ayah picked me up from Subang Jaya KTM Station, they brought me to Guitar Collection, a musical instruments shop. Ayah showed me a beautiful classical guitar which sound resonance struck me like... whoa. "Ayah nak beli gitar untuk sendiri? Biar betul...", I said to myself. "Kalau Ayah belikan awak ni, apa yang awak boleh janji?", Ayah said to me, as if he heard my thought. I was speechless and so grateful. I am the type of person who will try numerous times until I can get a sound right and this guitar made that more achievable. Nonetheless, others kept bugging me about naming it - Gitaku was the name I gave it. Simply means "My Guitar" according to my own dictionary.

Later, as I enter university and as soon as I found out that dentistry in USM actually requires its students to study full pathological and general medicine, Gitaku had to be put aside except for a few occasions during which I had to perform. I almost stopped listening to metal stuff altogether. I wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake I did during high school - there's no such thing as having fun first and jobs later. Alhamdulillah, I made it through phase 1 (year 1). A master student, Rezza, invited me to join his band, just like other few bands around Kelantan. Somehow I accepted this one, hoping to have this longing for musical stuff cured, but for some known and unknown reasons, I grew uncomfortable with it. Ayien, a final year dental student invited me to join his band for a battle of bands about early in this year. We did a cover on a sort of rock+metal(very little metal influence though) song which somehow awakened the sleeping part of me - the very part that had been taking control of myself since high school till early matriculation. This time, I'm sure I can control it well, gaining the benefits of it - the musical talents; and disposing the cons - the unnecessary rebellious and wild part.

Unnamed yet (SE Mike Åkerfeldt Signature Series by Paul Reed Smith)

Unnamed yet (15R by Fender)

So when I start to listen to those kinds of songs, obviously I paid more attention to the instruments, hence, again, my longing for an electrical guitar. I let Umi watch my every performance and I dismissively said, "Umi kalau masuk tahun 4 nanti boleh beli gitar elektrik?". "Hm... tengok result. Kalau dapat masuklah...", she answered. That gave me a boost out of depression as well (but there were lots of other boosts). Obviously I worked my arse off during Phase 2 (Year 2&3) Professional Exam. I don't want to waste a year, not after all the troubles I had put my parents through. Alhamdulillah I passed despite revising for only a fortnight - I should've worked harder and do better. During this very hols, Umi said, "Gitar elektrik yang awak nak tu dekat mana?".................... Terkejut! So I went to Bentley in Damasara, just opposite The Curve, and tried a few among which were Paul Reed Smith Tremonti, Ibanez (can't remember the model, but didn't like it at all though), Fender Stratocaster, and Fender Telecaster (obviously this one sounded the best, tapi kena dua kali biasiswa baru aku boleh belilah). My eyes, ears, and heart were finally fixed on a reddish brown, guitar, with a gold Opeth (despite being a band with death metal as their main genre, they create amazingly melodious and harmony music if you put aside the screams) logo lying proudly on its body, very sturdy, mahogany body with maple flaming veneer. 24 jumbo frets, just what I need since I want to learn shredding more. Fixed bridge with tremolo which means it's not a Floyd Rose tremolo system. Nevertheless as a start, this is more than I deserve. And it's pricey for my level. I even had my eyes on a 15 watts Fender amplifier which is small but very powerful (I had never exceeded level 3 volume) . Both of which were trusted into my hands by Umi a couple of weeks later. Thank you, Umi :') Thank You, Allah :'') Nevertheless since I'm paying 60% of their price, about half of my scholarship will be gone, but it's worth it. I'm sure ^_^

In the mean time, since I had splurged on them, I couldn't get a new laptop. I don't think I really need a new one since the system is still okay apart from broken hinges, shutting down itself due to overheat, saturated with virus, those are all. Can still stick with it :) So don't call me a spoilt brat who gets everything she wants. No such bullshit.

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