Monday, April 5, 2010

i read you like an opened book

It's quite obvious when one still holds the grudge towards another person. Well, I'm that 'another person' in this case. Come on, dude, be matured and do a little bit of muhasabah (to reflect oneself). Then, it'll be obvious - you know, the reason I distanced myself from you and your little projects. Have the courtesy to consider others good. Open your ears to listen what others have to say, just as Ayah advised me on being a good leader (I thought that I should be a better one next year, although I'm thinking twice on holding the position again). Pushing your thoughts into others' mind will not help in the long run. Truth to be told, I can't tolerate your crap anymore, and those things you found as jokes sounded more like insults to me. (-_-).I. on you.


Elly Elinna said...

hey, who the hell berani cari pasal ngan incik ira ardy ni? meh nak belasah..

btw, your performance at Gravy Baby tak dapat tengok lagi. paham2 ja lah internet connection di usm. T_T

zahirah ardy said...

Elly, ada satu video Z uploaded tapi short ja la sbab battery habis last skali. hahahaha! itu ada ja orang yang cari pasal rasa macam nak oliuken mereka.