Monday, April 12, 2010

A short video of my performance at Gravy Baby along with Iwan and Kishie. Yes, we sucked big time during our second song, hahaha!

Dear Tune Your Teeth, today I have a few confessions to make.

Firstly, I can't help but to feel very intense hatred towards my friend who's having an affair with another friend for months already.

Secondly, I think it's unwise to reveal everything on the internet especially if they are about troubles in a couple's relationship.

Thirdly, I'm having this thought in my mind, "Kalau sudah buat perkara yang salah di sisi agama, tak perlulah cuba menghalalkannya dengan apa-apa cara, contohnya menulis puisi, artikel di akhbar, etc.". Enough with committing sins, please don't make others do the same. Bayangkan 'chain reaction' dosa yang perlu ditanggung selepas itu. I'm not a very pious person, but I don't have the heart to drag others down to hell.

Fourthly, I think an old friend of mine has personality disorder (of psychiatry disorders). She's egosyntonic especially when it comes to lying.

Fifthly, I find it very annoying when one depends too much on the internet. Sometimes, you just have to come back to the basics - you know what that is.

Sixthly, I have not jogged seriously for a month already. Whattodoooooooooo arghh!


Ryfo said...

kau kat mana doh.besok aku perform untuk battle of the acousticc!

zahirah ardy said...

kat mana wehhh kat manaaaa!!!! tell me the time n place ASAP!

Ryfo said...

lepaq cafe kelana jaya jeeah 8.30pm