Saturday, April 3, 2010

to hell with "I'm no hypocrite". to hell with Earth Hour. to hell with every nonsensical gimmicks

I'm in a very terrible mood right now, hence, explaining the main focus of my entry today. Figure it on your own.

I rarely get long hols, therefore, when I finally get one after a few weeks of racking my brains and squeezing its juice to the last bit, I frankly think I deserve a good rest instead of troubling my still-tensed-brain with issues such as getting a temporary job or nailing down a place in the hostel for my fellow colleagues during the first three days of holiday. It's outrageous - to invade my personal time with such bullshit. I shall elaborate more on this once this mind is restored of its rational state.

I might be nosy, but heck, those "I'm no hypocrite" statements, or anything of their equivalent are utterly irritating. It might not bother me much when they stay in one's mind, but it does bug me when it floods my Facebook noticeboard. Let's keep our mind straight and clear - if you're not a hypocrite, you might not wear clothes, post rubbish on Facebook, try to impress people such as your family members, and so many more. To be hypocritic is essential. To be too much of a hypocrite however is unnecessary. The former would mean for one to draw a line in everything. Indeed, the teachings of Islam tell us to live in moderate. You don't need to cuss or do vulgar things unnecessarily because despite a few people's misguided opinion of 'what I do bothers you not', you're actually exerting negative energy to others. How about waking up feeling refreshed and later having to read a person's shoutout stating, "Fuck you, you're nothing but a piece of junk", or whatever crap it shall be. It ain't a desirable greet early in the morning. So before I deviate further from this topic, I hope you get the whole idea of 'there's no such thing as not being a hypocrite' as long as you're sane.

Talking of which... 'Earth Hour' suddenly popped up in my head. I hate that thing. I like the core idea of it, but I despise it generally. How's that? O_O! It confuses me as well. It's a waste of time, efficiency, money (for publicity sake), and so many more. Think of it again wholly. Think of it again without bias.

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