Thursday, April 29, 2010


Guess someone doesn't know the limit of joking. But it's okay ^_^ "You can't let a few pests that hit your windshield stop you from driving".

It's 5.27am and I'm still wide awake. Yesterday, as usual, Anith, Izzi, and I went to As-Safa. Segan pun ada sampai Kanan (I initially called him Ganez) pun dah kenal muka saya sehinggakan dia yang tunjuk di mana 'lovebirds' tu duduk. I'm not feeling very well these couple of days (Oversleeping from after Subuh till beyond noon is a reliable indicator of my health). Could it be because of my body being in 'overdrive mode' after getting my new gun? I don't know. I thought stress is what supposed to bring your immunity system down? Logically, bliss is supposed to bring it up.

You know what... I think I am a bad friend to have. Because if I'm not, I wouldn't have lost so many friends in a year. Well I guess I just can't please every single soul on earth. As long as I have a few precious ones, my family, and Allah, I'll do good, insya Allah. Oh how this restless feeling is bothering me so much. I'll have to resort to my benzodiazepines then. Hopefully I'll get to rest in an hour.

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