Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthdays are fun

Top left pic : (From left to right) Ah Beng, Tra, me, Anith, Fana, Mel, and Izzi. Celebrated Anith's birthday at The Garden, The Curve, Damansara

"Korang tak nak celebrate birthday aku ke?", Anith asked again and again without knowing that we purposely delayed her birthday celebration so that she would be surprised when the day itself finally arrive. Well technically yeah, she was surprised and ironically so were we! Especially because we had been waiting for quite some time and each one of us were so focused on resisting the temptation to just gobble the food already served on our table. When she finally appeared behind me I almost screamed but fortunately my frontal lobe is working well so I didn't. Everybody looked great that evening. Gosh I love all of you, Tra, Fana, Mel, and Anith.

And I'm trying my best to recall a few sentences from Izzi's message to Mel while trying to coax Anith to The Garden. Something like....... hm.... "I punya role susah"......... "I tak boleh buat benda di luar kebiasaan"...... "I tak bagi dia tidur balik walaupun dia penat" (Izzi is undoubtedly one soft-hearted guy therefore he usually lets Anith to get back to her sleep). All of them in one message which was much more of a monologue rather than a message directed to Mel XD p

So recently our family had been visited by quite a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. All of them came to send their child to university for the very first time. Pak Teh came to send Zahran who is a Mara scholar to Intec for 3 months before finally flying to Egypt and complete his bachelor degree in doctor of dental surgery there (of which I am so proud of. Two dentists in a family :D). Next was my own younger brother Ahmad who's a JPA scholar - joined Zahran at Intec one day later for 3 months before flying to Egypt too and complete his medical degree (Ajah had gotten her Dr. title recently, congrats! Zahra and Ahmad are well on their way, Alhamdulillah). Mak Cik Niah came to send Khaidir to UPM and UKM both for an interview to continue his studies in education field of studies. Pak Uda came to send Ajah to Putrajaya for her induction week before starting her housemanship (all the best, Ajah!) and also Fikri who was accepted into UIA in computering course. And just a few hours ago, Mak Chah came to send Luqman to UiTM Puncak Alam to start his foundation in engineering. Alhamdulillah, so far, the descendants of Haji Daud Hussin are doing fine, I am so grateful to Allah. Up to this second, my late Tok Ayah had 62 grandchildren :) Sesungguhnya anak itu adalah amanah kita dan arwah Tok Ayah dan Tok Mak sememangnya telah memberi yang terbaik untuk kesemua anak mereka. They deserve this, Wallahua'lam.

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