Monday, May 3, 2010

but hold on strong, and behold from the life you leave me behind

Aish addictive lagu pelik ni. I had just noticed that my blog lacks photos as well as relevant updates. But yeah since a number of my previous diaries were always read by any family member, I decided to give up on them. So I'm treating this one as a diary except that they usually contain codes and clues here and they if you can decipher :)

Who cares anyway, let's proceed. More stuff I did during this hols so far (see I'm not THAT obsessed with hookahs to not do other things apart from... the stuff I do with them) - numbre uno (is that even correct?), Tra, Mel, Anith, and I celebrated Izrin's birthday at Seoul Garden! It's refreshing to finally get to know someone new here ^_^ Plus, there's a bonus - she's a great person!

From left to right : Mel, Anith, Tra, and I

Spent the whole evening of 24th Apr 2010 with Ayah and Ahmad. Had lunch at Kak Ina (best ikan keli goreng I've tasted so far), chendol next (same old SS15 chendol), and scouted for waterfalls (went to Gabai Falls and Tekala Falls). Right after having chendol, we stopped by at Masjid Darul Ehsan which used to be the biggest mosque in Subang (obviously it's not anymore, but that's not the important point. Ramaikan masjid itu dahulu) where my former religious studies school, Sekolah Rendah Agama Masjid Darul Ehsan (SRAMDE) is. The school used to be very well kept, but it's not anymore :( Banyak kenangan manis dan pahit dekat sini.

That night, had a little get-together along with Wiki, Zarif, Kucheng, and Bob. We initially planned to have a marathon of movie-karaoke-hookah. Since Wiki and I were late (had a few activities with our respective family), we had to cancel watching movie, only to find out later that KTV, where we were supposed to karaoke was full-house! More than a dozen people were lining up as we arrived. Gils. Broken-hearted, we went to Castle Jalan Damai for the usual thing and later had supper at Murni. Absolute-freaking-ly bloated later.

From left to right : Wiki, Zarif, Kucheng, and Bob

As usual, to As-Safa (at Persiaran Utama), Anith, Izzi, a few other friends, and I went.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Went to The Library (The Curve) on 18th Apr to watch Jaer and his breakdancing group's (named Rokustep) performance for Got Talent? competition - which he asked me to join too as an acoustic guitarist of course. I obviously did not join because I'm here writing about them instead (what a stupid statement, I know. I'm awed by my own silliness at times. The inner-child, as they always say). Somehow regretted a little later, but it's okay :) And yay, they advanced to quarter final! It turned out that the resident DJ of The Library, DJ BabyBoy Sean, is superrr chumil okay! Aish, memang chumil gils... although there were glitches here and there while he was working on the mixer.

Did lots more stuff, but I am too sleepy to continue. Oyasumi ~_~

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