Thursday, May 27, 2010

everybody wants a piece of who?

This trend of voicing one's insecurities through Facebook is getting dangerously annoying. And the most annoying part is complaining about it means another bunch of your friend joining or 'liking' any page such as 'Suka hati akulah, Facebook aku ke Facebook kau?'. Well, tough guy, suka hati aku juga sebab nak buang kau daripada Facebook aku and don't complain about that later. It's not pleasant to keep reading negative stuff on my noticeboard.

Yay, Anith had uploaded the pics captured during Got Talent Or Not competition. This very picture below is my particular favourite because Fifi nampak gatai, senyum dari telinga ke telinga, duduk antara awek-awek. Later he was caught red-handed by his girlfriend, Chika, after Anith tagged her. Bahahhaha, but it's just a pun.

Here's something for someone.

I hope you'll respect my principles. I have principles to hold. I have ethics to obey. Confidentiality is a patient's right. Do not overreact. Do not succumb to satan's whispers. They flood your heart with anger, sadness, emptiness, hatred, and so many more negative emotions excessively.

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