Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm supergirl, i come to save the world, but who's gonna save me? happy birthday to to to to Anitto~

To my 'sister', the one who likes to nag at me but almost never fail to bring joy to my every day,

Anith, Happy twenty-second birthday!

Thank you for sticking up for me when so many things failed me. Thank you for listening to my every music-related rant although it's obviously not a passion of yours. Thank you for being my friend for so many years, I had lost count of them myself. Wa sayang sama lu okey. Uhhh, ni ayat Izzi patutnya gagaggagaladygagagagaga!


Okay, next - Congrats to Jaer (of Rokusteps) for advancing to quarter final of You Got Talent!!, organized by The Library (The Curve) which resident DJ is the uber cute DJ Baby Boy Sean. This time, their performance was undeniably mind-blowing, such improvements that I did not foresee. Kalau ada masa datang tengok untuk cast your vote for Rokusteps :)

DJ Baby Boy Sean Bennett

HMC Phlow's performance in 8TV Showdown 2010. Click play to watch the video.

Is this week about congratulating everyone? My imaginary standing ovation for HMC Phlow for their performance which was beyond... expectations (I lost my words sorry). Congrats Mail and Angah for successfully advancing into Top 11 in 8TV Showdown 2010 (watch them at 9.30pm, every Wednesday at 8TV). I'm still in disbelief seeing them so serious on stage when in fact they have always been our clowns of As-Safa. Mana ada orang minta, "Nescafe letak kicap sikit dan limau". Looking forward to the next round of Showdown 2010 :)

So Anith is now back in Malaysia and Mel's finals were over already yay! Jaer ajak buat persembahan di music cafe kawan dia. Segan siak. Can die. Ah haaa, talking about Jaer, yesterday something embarrassing happened. Izzi, Jaer, Nail, Anith, Fifi, and I went to a new branch of Al-Syeesha (I think that was the name of the syeesha cafe). Aku memang kena tukar dietlah, zzzzzz, saya terlanggar bong syeesha itu lalu ia rebah ke atas alas punggung yang bermotifkan corak Arab itu. "Sssssss", I could smell the whatever-you-call-it burning and the owner of the cafe was so nice (not to mention pretty too), she even made me a new one despite me insisting not to. Uhhhh, terharu T_T Dan terasa sangat malu. Mwu... Nevertheless, that place is great. For a start, it's more comfortable than As-Safa. I'll upload the pics later :)

Oh yeah, before I forget, Happy Belated Teacher's Day to every teacher out there and that includes my sister, Wani, who will be resuming her job as a lecturer once she completes her master degree :)

Finally, a happier entry, Alhamdulillah.


Anonymous said...

when i was reading this entry,i found myself smiling all the way through..happy..happy..happy.. -fana-
=D =D =D =D =D
<3 <3 <3

zahirah ardy said...

Wish you're there, Fana :'(