Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's out finally

Well, today I'll gladly risk my ears for this one. The line that was drawn between 'too loud' and 'loud enough' was officially erased a few hours ago - temporarily only though :P

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold (latest single)

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) is finally here paying me back for the months of anticipation since Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan's death during end of last year, and of course that means the main focus on this single will be the drum riffs beautifully played by Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater who was invited to temporarily fill in The Rev's shoes (he insisted on concentrating on Dream Theater although I wish he'd be A7X's permanent drummer) for this album and a few tours. After listening to the track for more than ten times already, I couldn't help but to be reminded of the late drummer. Hats off for Portnoy, the similarities between his drum riffs and those of Portnoy's in this track are so striking (although Portnoy's usual drum riffs aren't much like these), you can definitely hear them from the very start of the song, and I couldn't welcome this more.

Nonetheless, the track resembles Critical Acclaim from their self-titled album especially the way the vocal started. I don't quite know how to describe it though :P The first verse somehow sounds like it came from James Hetfield of Metallica (if you had listened to Metallica's stuff enough, you'd understand this). Portnoy's fast, harsh, and forceful drum riffs are great, quite similar to the ones you may hear during the intro of A7X's Blinded In Chain, Second Heartbeat, and etc - in a way, I personally think it has already became A7X's signature sound. The contents of the lyric however don't sound much like their self-titled album in which case I thought they had mellowed a little, but rather darker as observed in the Sounding The Seventh Trumpet and City of Evil albums. It's surprising to listen to M Shadows doing a little bit of screaming here and there (he did say before that he doesn't want to do much screams anymore). Well again, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, and Johnny Christ combined at playing melodious guitar ad bass riffs harmonically, an element used a lot in Lost. The piano part starting at fifth minute reminds me of A Little Piece of Heaven (listen to ALPH properly and you'll hear the piano). Gates's lead-line was great too especially at the start of the song, although I still think his best lead-line is the one in Afterlife (although some might argue that the one from Eternal Rest is the best one). Overall, the song is badass. Very very very A7X-ish which means it's great for A7X's fans but to those who are expecting different music style from them (their style did change drastically from City of Evil to the self-titled album), this track might not be the wisest choice. Personally, I like it but I'll have to emphasize that there are other A7X's tracks which are better than this :) R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and Ronnie James Dio of Heaven & Hell (-16th May 2010).

I'm thinking of buying Slash's self-titled album next week. Having to pay for a few books this week, I think I'll have to delay that plan for another fortnight. I'm not sure how much it costs though. Uh, my financial status is honestly on a rocky road right now. Despite how tight I clutch my purse, my money is still able to find its way out. Bahahhaha, blame it on the ma-ma-ma-money, baby.

On a different note, today I saw a few photos which left me very heart-broken. Aih, sabar sahaja. These tests are here for at least a reason. You have went through worse, Zahirah, this is just another minor one. Be at peace.


Anonymous said...

yes the drum sounds the same but it doesnt mean that all of the drums came out and played from mike portnoy. for sure lah most of the songs are pre-recorded by rev himself before he passed away.


zahirah ardy said...

for this song, the drum riffs weren't completed by The Rev, it really was played by Mike Portnoy during its recording - according to this one news i read. although The Rev did write a big part of this album, they're still at the level of 'baby steps' as M Shads said it.