Tuesday, May 25, 2010

lipas siak. Ayah's story.

Argh, Streamyx is being such an arse today.

I came home so late yesterday morning that I only got 10 minutes of sleep before driving Ayah to Putrajaya Hospital for his minor surgery. Ayah had been having a lipoma ( benign tumour of the fat cells, very very low percentage of transforming into the more harmful - malignant cells. Quite common) for about a year already. He decided to see the doc after letting me examine the lump. From my examination, the lump was located at Ayah's left lower back region, rubbery in consistency, immobile when tried to be moved and also no movement with muscle movement, 3cm x 4cm in dimension, smooth-surfaced, skin can be moved over it, and I could get over and under the mass. So the most probable diagnosis was lipoma (most probaby of subcutaneous fat tissue in origin). Although there is a very small chance for a lipoma to transform into liposarcoma (it's malignant counterpart) and for the mass that I had examined to be more serious conditions, I persuaded Ayah to see a doc as soon as possible, and Alhamdulillah, my diagnosis was correct. Ayah initially didn't permit me to tell about it to others since it's a very benign condition and he didn't want to bother anyone else. Nevertheless since I told him I'd like to share his case with those who study medicine, he finally gave me the permission to write this. (I'll keep Ayah's other histories private though)

Anyway, yesterday morning, approx. 11am, he underwent his minor surgery for total excision of his lipoma and it was a total success, Alhamdulillah. Only lasted for an hour and by 3pm, he was already discharged. Since I had only 10minutes of sleep yesterday morning and tried to keep myself fresh awake by bathing in cold water, I couldn't help but to sleep through his operation. My old man was the one who woke me up as soon as his surgery was over and I drove him back home. Umi, Ahmad, and Along weren't there. I'm not sure whether Ahmad and Along knew about this or not though. So, Wani, here's the story, maaf tak beritahu awal-awal. Ayah tak beri dia kata susahkan orang sahaja. Zzzzzz. Nevertheless, if such thing happens in the future I'll inform you okay, sis, selagi ada top up hoho :P

ANNNND this was the culprit that caused my lack of sleep for yesterday hoho~ Anith, Izzi, quite a number of friends, and I went to The Library yet again to watch Jaer's b-boy group, Rokusteps's performance as a part of Got Talent Or Not competition. Out of 10 groups which made it through quarter final, only four were picked to advance into semi final and yayyyy Jaer's group made it throughhhh ^_^ Hopefully they'll get that RM30k :)

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