Tuesday, May 18, 2010

seize my day

Song 1. Haven't inserted drum and rhythm guitar riffs as well as interlude.

Help! I've been feeling quite sick lately, thanks to my lactose intolerance. It's a fact that lactose intolerance may worsen with age and I guess I'm AGEING. FREAKING AGEING. In no time I'll be an old lady, no longer 21 year old, with a hunchback (if not hunchbackS), coughing with blackened lungs, staggering my way down and up the stairs, and... well, who knows. Makan cupcakes pun boleh muntah. The usual Very Choc Berry from Juiceworks means emptying my stomach, ironically.

I think, a trip to the psychiatrist, Dr Zarina, is crucial once I get back to my university. Have a trauma to handle. No, not the new one, it's an incident that happened years and years ago. Nonetheless that very trauma successfully holds me back from doing hm... wrongful acts from syarie's point of view, which makes thinking twice to actually counter it inevitable.

Argh, what is this thing hardly pounding against my chest wall? 'That thing' felt so wrong. I think I need to do Vasalva manoeuvre on myself. Kasi cool sikit. Cool down, Zahirah. If only cooling down is as easy as clicking on the overheated room in Hotel City. Yes, I am so addicted at playing Hotel City. Jom main game Facebook itu supaya saya dapat 'duit'.

A pat on my back for finally resuming my workout a couple of days ago. Had been living a very sedentary life since hols started, but don't blame it all on me. Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol, baby. Not literally though. It's Jamie Foxx. I don't consume alcohol at all, strongly emphasizing on this since according to a few narrow-minded (whose cranium is extremely small I guess, their brain can't expand at all) jackasses, syeesha smoking means losing your virginity, consuming alcohol, clubbing, and other not-my-type sort of activities. The accusations are ridiculous but somehow hilarious.

Can't wait to meet Farhanah soon ^_^ Gal, you had been missing in action lately. Miss you T_T


Anonymous said...

miss u to bits too,gal~ =D

zahirah ardy said...

c u soon ^_^