Saturday, May 1, 2010

Something about Joni and his under-aged girlfriend too

Unfortunately, I forgot to capture a photo of his girlfriend.

I just find this amazing despite already knowing their sense of smell is twice ours - so one day my younger brother asked me from outside of my bedroom, "Ira, Joni kat dalam bilik kau eh?". That somehow surprised me since Joni was indeed in my bedroom playing around under my bed, not making any sound, whatsoever. "Haah, kenapa eh?", I asked back. It turned out that his girlfriend (my neighbour's cat) was er... stalking (was it?) him from the front of my bedroom door. Freaked me out. It's sad though since his girlfriend is a small but beautiful mixed breed (dominant Persian side) and yet it was already castrated :P

I'm going to miss him a lot once I fly back to Kelantan, but it's okay. he's only in his early first year of life. Hopefully he'll live till his golden era. Cliché, I know. Oh, that's a hard letter to type since I had to take it from Character Map -_-"

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