Tuesday, June 29, 2010

chendol mm hm!

I woke up relatively earlier today, just to find out that my nose was bleeding. Panic at the disco terus. My body temperature spiked and as usual, when you get flu, your head feels as if it's going to explode, I had no option but to see Dr. Jeya, the owner of Klinik Surgeri Jeya which is just nearby. It had been quite some time since I last saw him, I've been seeing docs who were doing their locum service in that clinic and frankly, they treat me differently (in other words, I don't like them). "Your flu is very bad, all your sinus is congested", and I had to take about 7 medications - which I dislike, except for the cough syrup. I had to be careful or the virus might spread to my lungs, a complication Dr. Jeya is always worry about everytime I come up with flu, judging by my past health (badan besar tapi imuniti macam baragas). I'm not sure why, but Wani and I tend to fall ill, except that my case is usually milder than my sister's. I'm the only one in the family to be infected by varicella zoster virus three times already. Perhaps because Umi didn't breastfeed me for long due to health reasons. It was only for 2-3months, but as usual these sort of things are multifactorial in nature. Oh yeah, speaking which, do you know how good cough syrup tastes? Used to take them discreetly when I was in kindergarten and primary school especially since the adults in my house don't usually finish their medications heh heh. I don't do it anymore now that I know one may get addicted to it. It was a funny sight though to see my uvula as long as the diameter of a 20cents coin. Macam.......... hm...... kelawar warna merah jambu pun ya juge.

Nonetheless, here I was, gobbling on chendol and rojak. This is a skill I have never trained myself to learn - I can always eat and the appetite is always there despite how sick I am at a time. Beat that! I had to buy them because holiday is about to end in approximately four days. Gotta make the best out of these four days. Since Ayien and Daus have already graduated from USM, each one of them holding the title 'Dr.' proudly, I honestly think it's going to be extremely tough to find anyone in USM who's interested in playing heavy songs with me. Jadi walaupun Dr. Yunhao Mong kata, "Eh, you kan apprentice Ayien?", hati saya tetap berasa sedikit sedih. Anyhoo, will be jamming with Ariff, Kamal, Hanif, and a new-comer, Syafiq 'Agot' this Friday (and yes, my flight is at 7.00am the very next day). I couldn't bear this intention of writing down his name as 'Fagot' and I was scolded by Hanif. Vocalist kesayangan dia, but bear in mind, I have no ill intention - not my usual self eh? So I'm supposed to learn three more songs in a couple of days (yay now that the trip to Penjara was over, I'm a free Willy for a few days so instead of 4 hours to learn about 6 songs, I now have 48 hours to learn only 3 songs yayyyy) - Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin, Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold (A7X), and Look Alive by Incubus. We have jammed Afterlife and Gunslinger by A7X, Nice To Know You by Incubus, Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings, Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls, and a soundtrack of Naruto - The Raising Fighting Spirit (which is a fun song!). Apart from Check Yes Juliet and Love Drunk (both are punk rock songs, you can't expect much) the bass riffs of the rest of the songs are fun! Cured this hole in my heart (gahhh).

You know what am I really really really supposed to do now - revise a number of dental subjects, but I don't even bring a book home, not even one sheet of paper. Nothing, nadah, zilch!


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Badan besar tapi imuniti macam baragas, what's baragas? =p

Get well soon~

Nobita said...

huhuhu..be strong ok??

gud luck with ur study..:)

zahirah ardy said...

'baragas' according to my friend, Mel's dictionary is defined as ugly. geh.

Akam n Paan, makasih T_T