Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doc, since the accident, I have been experiencing pain sensation on my left shoulder, especially my shoulder blades. Days pass and the pain intensifies slowly. Doc, when I consulted you a day after the accident, I hoped to get a referral letter to have my shoulder x-rayed, but you brushed me off and even said I worried too much, but Doc, with these 2 hands am I going to serve so many people, with Allah's will. You even performed God-knows-what-sort-of-musculoskeletal-tests on me (which you had to call a friend to ask on what you should do with me), which costed me a great deal of doubts on your credibility, even if I put aside your faulty tests. I intended to keep everything to myself until this very second as I am more and more reminded of your stuck up and trying-to-be-cheeky attitude and gestures towards me and I'm here still in pain. I'm gonna see someone in the private industry (surprisingly you're the first government doc that treated me in such way. You even misdiagnosed me - TWICE out of my 3 appointments with you)and hopefully get the help I should've gotten from you and if it's needed, I'll file a complaint against you. I don't want to drag you down but at this rate with so many people complaining similar things... It may be needed. I don't think anyone in this field of healing arts (any field that contributes to ensuring the well-being of a human) may be a snob because each one of us will always learn new things from one and another. And this morning, I'm quite much... In rage.

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