Sunday, June 13, 2010

good one in the meantime

Iwan had his shoutout saying, "Single is simple, double is trouble", and I second that... in the mean time. I think I already have lots of things to deal with currently and I don't think adding unnecessary load on my shoulders will do much help. Single life feels good right now and perhaps one day I'll change my mind but not in the nearest time, I guess. And I worry my habit of befriending guys more than I do with ladies gets misunderstood. Oh well.


light said...

don't worry about that.. u know what u r doing.. enjoy our life n make everyday is great day.. :-)

zahirah ardy said...

oh, Raito, Raito who yeah? anyway, yeah, hopefully what i did is correct since mom's talking about finding me a good husband -_-" sweat!