Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"kerok", Kak Jannah kata

Thanks to the accident, I now have permanent pain sensation on my left shoulder. Extremely annoying. Baring dengan bersahaja pun sakit. Macam panas. Macam mencucuk. Macam menekan. Alhamdulillah Kak Jannah sentiasa perasan kalau saya berada dalam kesakitan. Pasti dia akan 'come to the rescueee'.

So far, I honestly think I'm the person which is furthest from obeying the definition of 'normal' compared to other students of bachelor degree of doctor of dental surgery (oh that's a handful of 'of's), but as I wrote before... What if being abnormal feels more normal to one? But what if I try, just a lick of 'normality' as generally accepted (while hoping it'd do me good)? Well the world is filled with colours, let's appreciate each and every one of them.

I also honestly think that it's the season of fever currently. No, not the football fever, but fever as in the one caused by flu. No, not the bird flu, just the regular flu. Being me who's quite susceptible to these little evil minions, I'm having it too now, well as usual. It's a monthly thing. Hidung tersumbat, payah nak tidur. Macam seronok kalau boleh 'unclog' pakai 'plunger'. And I think these minions are fooling around with my mind too, because I'm writing more and more senseless rants. Ok thank you bye.

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Anonymous said...

i pun baru sembuh dr selsema..yup,couldn't agree more,kalau hidung dh tersumbat,sure payah tidur..hehehe.. -fana-