Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lots of support

"It's good to be outspoken, but it's not good when you don't know which thought to be kept to yourself and and which one to be told", as Umi taught me. "Sentiasa ada orang yang lagi susah daripada kita, Ira, lagi dalam kesusahan", as I tearfully tell my problems to Ayah on the phone. My two main supporting pillars in this little life - Umi and Ayah. The people who taught me a lot especially when it comes to the skills of life, religion, and so many more it's impossible for me to write every one of them down.

So I live in a society which is made up of so many people who disregard religion a lot, I'm not going to lie about that, but yeah, we're all trying our best hopefully. But I find it disturbing to see this trend of thinking too much with common sense instead of having the Quran and the Sunnah as guidelines. Nevertheless, "Kalau orang tak nak dengar juga, tak perlu bergaduh dengan orang cetek akal", Ayah said to me once. I didn't understand that statement before but as I grow up, everyone around me grows up too and perhaps misunderstood the real definition of 'maturing' as making own decision and thinking in ways that sound good personally when in fact they have not considered much options - I finally understood him. Our mind learn continuously even while on the deathbed, and for that, never assume one is always right in every single issue. If you want to learn about music, you learn from a music teacher, you don't just listen to a CD. If you want to learn about Islam, you see an ustaz, you don't just accept whatever the tabloids and mass media are trying to tell you about Islam. If you want to learn about life, you learn from the One who created life itself - Allah. You can't see Allah, but you can read and learn Allah's words - the Quran and Allah's messenger's words - the Sunnah. An ignorant mind might think of this entry as "These aren't relevant for today's life", and yet that very mind can never challenge even 0.11111% of Allah's boundless knowledge, so who are we trying to fool actually?

Well on a slightly different note, I just realised something. What was I trying to do? I was trying to convince a bunch of people when the person who needed to be convinced the most has always been myself. For a start, I do lots of things for others so if I isolate myself from them, it's me who'll feel more at ease and it's them who'll struggle to keep up with the things I had already left. Yes, I know it's a give and take situation, but when it's too hard to bear, one has to know when to let go. Besides, it's not as if my support circle is tiny, and each person in that circle has their own uniqueness. "Patah tumbuh hilang berganti", ah ha!

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