Sunday, June 27, 2010

mana-mana pun tak boleh

To amaze me and to impress me are two very different things. I am easily amazed but I am rarely impressed and those who succeeded at doing so weren't usually trying to. So be cool, aight, there's no need to rush. You don't need to try so hard.

When one overestimates oneself, it gets annoying. I am like this, don't think so highly of yourself. I love making friends, meeting new people, I don't go for more (if you know me well enough you should know). They cause each and every strand of hair on my body stand up just at the thought of it.

Talking of which, I went to Castle, Kampung Baru, the day before yesterday, along with Kishie, Fifi, Izzi, Anith, Dome, Jaer, and Syabil. I had forgotten how long have I not spoken to someone so openly. Thanks, Kishie (her aunt gave her a keyboard, yayyyyyyy, boleh gabung boleh gabung dengan bunyi Mikael tee hee) :) It helps to talk without arguing sometimes, because where I come from and where I'm studying, continuous debates seem to be inevitable. I can't bear doing that 24/7, I've gotta be honest at that. Allah didn't create us with different skin colours, thoughts, and etc. for nothing. But a few arguments here and there are alright, I guess.

And most importantly... I now know a few people are having similar thoughts to mine. I'm sane then. Ah ha! :D


FurBall said...

im bored

zahirah ardy said...

whattagwan, Mus, sat lagi 8am aku PERGI NILAI! woohooooo, pergi tebas lalang dkat rumah Nilai sana. ah ha, jumpa sana ah.