Saturday, June 5, 2010

of Penang and Kelantan essences

Last week had been a hectic but also a very enjoyable one!!

Well for a start, my friends from Kelantan, Jijah and Akila, flew to Kuala Lumpur! Yay!! Picked them up at Mines and we charged to The Curve to watch Prince of Persia where each one of us had to sacrifice our necks since we were sitting at THE VERY FIRST ROW! No kidding, it was my first time. Later, I brought them girls to SS2 Murni since each one of us was as hungry as a Hippogriff and rode my car feeling bloated later.

Jijah (left) and Kila (right) having their humongous meal.

Jijah and I at Cineleisure. Sakit tengkuk.

Later, came the toughest and most memorable part of our journey - sending Jijah and Kila to the latter's sister's place in Putrajaya. Was it Kila's first time going back late at night? Hee hee, after everything, we all had a great time. Thanks, guys, for coming here :) See you again in less than a month, insya Allah.

The very next day, Anith, Mel, and I went to Penang for a vacation. Had a very delivious cheese nan and tandoori chicken, a weird soggy kuey teow goreng mamak, and a mediocre nasi kandar at Kapitan (yeah, we ate a lot haha!).

We paid a visit to Anith's grandmother's house and had the best Penang char kuey teow I have ever had, I'd bet my money on it (tapi haram judi ya). The shop is located in Permatang Pauh but I don't know its name. Sorry for being ignorant aish.
The shop only sells one type of food - Penang char kuey teow. This one here was Penang char kuey teow besar.

Next stop was Mel's friend, Zafirah's house where we attended her sister's wedding reception.

Left to right: Syahidah, Mel, and Zafirah (Mel claimed that Zafirah is my long lost cousin. What do you think?)

Another wedding reception was that of Izrin's elder sister. We're joined by Adi and a few acquaintances.

Left to right : Izrin, Mel, GF, Sam, Arif, and Adi (The guys looked awkward, yes, I think so too haha!)

Went to Hard Rock Hotel. A gorgeous hotel undoubtedly, but I doubt Umi and Ayah would want to stay there (although Umi might give a second thought after seeing this The Beatles mosaic wall). Oh well, what to do. Its beach was beautiful too, very well-maintained.
Anith and I, that's a beautiful masterpiece

Mel and Anith in front of an 18-foot tall guitar replica. I don't quite know which model it was though :P

Went to Feringhi where Mel bought dozens of DVDs. Stopped by somewhere in Perak, gobbled up lots of fruits. Got myself a Fender Telecaster miniature pin at Hard Rock Hotel, since I can't imagine myself getting a real one which might cost me more than RM7k. I'll upload its picture later (if I remember) :)

Alhamdulillah, a good vacation, indeed. We're planning to go to Malacca, just a day trip. Hopefully things will go well, especially since this year will be my first year of not going overseas for a vacation. Well, I have not explored Malaysia itself much. This year makes a good year to do so :)

On a different note, a thought popped up in my head. If one ceases from doing things for the sake of impressing other people alone, one might be happier... no?

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